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Bearing Point survey

#1 Bearing Point survey
14/07/2004 11:58


Hi everyone. I am currently in the interview process with Bearing Point and I would like to know more about this firm. Has anyone ever heard about this company? What kind of reputation they have? Thanks in advance for your help.

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#2 growing aggressively
15/07/2004 12:34


From what I've heard they are growing quite aggressively in Europe and have some pretty ambitious headcount targets for the next year. So should be good opportunities to be had there (don't know too much about the US business). Good luck, S.

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#3 Re: growing aggressively
15/07/2004 14:43


I had an offer from them In February. Definitely growing fast and currently seem to be offering very competitive packages. I chose not to join though I know a couple of people who are enjoying their time there.

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#4 Re: Bearing Point survey
15/07/2004 15:55

Bearing point is the new name for KPMG Consulting (US and mainland Europe). The UK' KPMG Consulting team renamed to Atos KPMG Consulting.

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#5 Re: BearingPoint survey
15/07/2004 16:57


Hi, I work for BearingPoint at their headquraters in McLean, VA USA just outside of DC. I work in International Public Services and I really enjoy the company. It is growing rapidly along with its reputation. We have definitely positioned ourselves right beside Accenture and IBM Consulting in terms of our implementation and integration practices. Within the company, public servives is the most rapidly growing sector. E-mail me if you'd like to discuss!

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#6 Re: Bearing Point interview
15/07/2004 17:28

Katherine Lepek

Hi I am also in the interview process. Maybe we can exchange info, ideas, and motivate each other. katherine.

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#7 Re: BearingPoint survey
16/07/2004 04:31


Hi Murphy!I'm a freshman of BearingPoint working in Strategy Team in Shanghai China. I really hope to talk with you about this firm and get to know more about it. Could you leave your email address here?

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#8 Re: Bearing Point survey
19/07/2004 08:14


Its formerly KPMG Consulting. The UK & NL part split away and went off with ATOS. Rebuilding at present UK. Little team lots of dust. Will be a real challenge for them to rebuild the UK - CEO in US wants to focus on package implementation and outsourcing - big ticket business / less brain work. They do not understand anything about change mgt. In UK mainly sales people trying to get the business running - then agressively staffing - corporate culture ????

In German speaking market a great desaster! Kicked out more than 40% of employees, everybody still sitting there will be off when market is picking up faster - intelligent people left already, people are in extremely bad mood and frustrated - rumors say that they offered some good people money if they do not quit before X-Mas ... I think the company needs a rescue project re: their culture.

If you are not desperate do not burn yourself!



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#9 Re: growing aggressively
22/07/2004 12:54


What is the state of their UK business - is it just a small band of people and is there any real developed culture there. Get the impression its more US focused with little UK clout. Is this the case?

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#10 Re: growing aggressively
04/08/2004 15:58


BearingPoint was previously KPMG Consulting Inc in US, and had nothing to do with the Consulting practice within KPMG in the rest of the world. When Arthur Andersen went down after Enron, KPMG Consulting used the opportunity to expand globally. It bought a lot of AAs business consulting practices in Europe and Asia, but not in UK, NL and Germany. UK is started from scratch, The other countries are other stories. After all these MA's KPMG Consulting rebranded as BearingPoint to avoid beeing mixed with any auditing firm.

The culture heavily depends on the country. Dont know US, but culture of the old AABC people seems great.

The outsourcing (mananged service) has only been profitable for a few large established companies. BearingPoint is not among them, and perhaps leave this area.

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