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MBB + Roland Berger + OW

#1 MBB + Roland Berger + OW
22/01/2010 21:42


Tony, Mars-A-Day, everyone,

do you guys know if any recruitment agencies/HH recruit for the above for someone with 2 yrs of Non mbb Consulting experience? Or am I better off applying directly? I have a couple of friends at MBBs but not very close ones - what's the most tactful way of using this network?

I can't quite decide on the route of application.

any advice would be appreciated.

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#2 RE: MBB + Roland Berger + OW
25/01/2010 11:09

Mars A Day to Jen (#1)

Jen it's very unusual for a consulting firm to want to pay fees to a third party to hire someone with only 2 years experience, so to answer your question a direct approach will work best.

You mention 2 years 'non MBB' - but with what type of firm?

As regards approaching contacts, you can network into a firm, but as MBB have quite strangulated and formal application processes for applications I suggest this won't be appropriate for a few more years yet. Also it reflects on the sponsor internally if they recommend you and you then collapse in the selection process, and with organisations even more political than usual in the current environment, this is unlikely to motivate them.

If you want to apply to MBB the the formal channel will be your best bet; you should also consider firms other posters on here would define at 'Tier 2' but which are frankly excellent nonetheless (and in the case of RB probably should be in Tier 1 here, and are in Germany) - ATK, RB, LEK, OW etc.

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#3 RE: MBB + Roland Berger + OW
25/01/2010 11:56

disagree to Mars A Day (#2)

Cornell have been taking applications for consultants at BCG and mckinsey (for applicants with typically 2 yrs experience). Although understand they have tonnes of applications which they are currently sifting through.

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#4 RE: MBB + Roland Berger + OW
25/01/2010 12:21

Mars A Day to disagree (#3)

I did say unusual didn't I? As opposed to never happens?

There simply isn't enough incentive for most firms to hire through external recruiters at that level. And in any even why bother applying through Cornell - and being lost in the volumes of applications before being screened by them, THEN screened by MBB; why not just go to MBB?

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#5 RE: MBB + Roland Berger + OW
25/01/2010 14:02

Tony Restell ( to Jen (#1)

Jen - I would agree with Mars A Day. By and large the highly regarded strat firms receive so many applications direct that they tend not to use any external media or agencies to drum up additional interest for more junior roles. Hence why we only intermittently will have MBBB roles advertised on here; usually the firms are inundated with applicants to review.

There are sometimes exceptions to this rule, if a firm is particularly overwhelmed with applicants or needs to bring large numbers on board very quickly then they may seek assistance from a recruitment firm, more for the value they bring in screening than for the additional candidates they'll be able to generate.

In the current market though I'd be surprised to learn that the majority of junior roles are not being sourced direct (it's a different picture once you get to more senior hiring where recruitment firms will play a far bigger role)

Rgds, Tony Restell

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#6 RE: MBB + Roland Berger + OW
25/01/2010 17:19

Jen to Tony Restell ( (#5)

Mars, Tony,

many thanks for responding and the (as always) useful pointers.

I will try and explore the direct route to MBBs and indeed RB, OW and AT Kearney.

One final question - how to pitch the experience (which were great) with the previous employer -(Big4) while still sounding earnest and interested in these tier 1 firms? Any Dos and Don'ts there?

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#7 RE: MBB + Roland Berger + OW
26/01/2010 19:38

Anon to Jen (#6)


I've been through the MBB recruitment process recently and got an offer from one, so I have some knowledge of the industry from a candidate's perspective. Lots of new hires are not straight from undergrad but still go into the undergrad (BA at McK, AC at Bain etc) stream. It would seem like you will probably have to start from the bottom at MBB and apply for the grad programme, I came across plenty of people with similar experience to yours (and more) doing the same. Some firms may progress you faster/let you start at a higher level, but even with 2 years experience, the recruitment process is the same as if you area applying out of college, to the best of my knowledge.

Also, MBB recruitment teams are very friendly and eager, so just get in touch and I'm sure they'll tell you how best to apply.

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