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RWE Consulting

#1 RWE Consulting
20/01/2010 17:08



Does anyone have any experience with RWE's in-house consultancy team? I'm looking for information on type of work, career opportunity, likely work locations and pay.



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#2 RE: RWE Consulting
21/01/2010 14:58

Jimmy to Jimmy (#1)

Anyone got any info on the above?

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#3 RE: RWE Consulting
21/01/2010 16:33

Ferris to Jimmy (#2)

Anyone? Anyone?

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#4 RE: RWE Consulting
21/01/2010 16:34

confused to Ferris (#3)

Who are RWE? Don't recognise the acronym.

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#5 RE: RWE Consulting
21/01/2010 20:11

Albert to confused (#4)

Right Wing Engineers?

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#6 RE: RWE Consulting
21/01/2010 22:41

ZB to Albert (#5)

This illustrates the breathtakingly ignorant 'management experts' to inhabit this forum. RWE is one of Europe's largest utility companies. It owns Npower ( a brand I trust is familiar to you) in the UK.

Quite an eye-opener and also a damming indictment when the vast majority of labourers on this forum can readily name such awe-inspiring giants of the corporate world like Monitor Group, Atos Consulting, Turner Townsend, but fail to know the name of a corporate behemoth who has a global presence and most importantly provides real economic value.


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#7 RE: RWE Consulting
22/01/2010 10:08

Mr Cool to ZB (#6)


Apparently you are a “legend” on this forum, but to be honest, the only role you seem to fulfil these days is to inject a dose of vitriol towards anyone that does not meet your personal image of a “management consultant”.

If you really are as brilliant a “proper MC” as you like to imply, how about offering insight and advice on subjects on which you have inside or expert knowledge (as others do)? Your tendency towards invective and nostalgia for the era when only an old duffer in a tweed suit and a sideline in insider dealing could refer to themselves as an MC is turning you into Victor Meldrew.

The OP poses a question. Why don’t you use your experience to help him, instead of taking a swipe at others, who at least took the time to try and clarify an acronym they did not recognise?

It’s a direct challenge, ZB – show us that you still have what it takes to guide and inspire less experienced colleagues, in the way that more senior colleagues no doubt once guided you.

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#8 RE: RWE Consulting
22/01/2010 10:50

Recruiter to Mr Cool (#7)

Actually I think ZB's point was fair. Apart from the fact people should know the company it would have been quicker to Google RWE than to ask the question. Pure idiocy shouldn't be tolerated.

To answer the question then, RWE Consulting are a relatively small internal consulting team, but pretty well thought of in their area. Type of work - clearly energy sector, and quite wide ranging MC work from IT to Strategy.

The opportunity is to gain experience at top companies in the energy sector and learn a lot about the RWE business as well. You'll be a SME who probably moves into the business at a top European energy company.

Work locations - it's pretty international, think many are based in Germany at the Essen head office, but are all over US & Europe.

No idea on pay I'm afraid, expect it would be competitive.

If you want to commit to the sector, which isn't a bad idea actually, it's worth a look.

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#9 RE: RWE Consulting
22/01/2010 11:27

Mr Cool to Recruiter (#8)

Hi Recruiter,

Good informative response. Hopefully it will encourage others to add further information.

However I feel compelled to add that not knowing the parent company of an energy firm is not something I would class as "idiocy", particulalry for those that do not have European utility firm exposure.

I for one could not name every FTSE 250 company and all of their subsidiaries.

Thumbs up on the substance of the answer, though.

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#10 RE: RWE Consulting
22/01/2010 13:12

Zola Bud to Mr Cool (#9)

Typically agressive and snide response from ZB. What a tw@t

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#11 RE: RWE Consulting
22/01/2010 13:16

Recruiter to Mr Cool (#9)

Fair point, but the idiocy comment was for not Googling to quickly find out the answer, rather than not knowing in the first place.

An idiot is someone who lacks normal mental cababilities, which I would say includes working Google if "confused" was able to get on to this forum in the first place. Maybe he should be congratulated for posting an - at least coherent - question though.

Incidentally, to make sure this isn't a wasted post, here's a corporate brochure with some info.

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#12 RE: RWE Consulting
26/01/2010 08:58

Anon to Recruiter (#11)

RWE Consulting are considered one of the top inhouse consultancies in Germany with over 100 staff.

I understand that they are in the process of setting up a UK office to staff UK projects with native English speakers. The work that they do tends to be strategy and performance improvement (very little IT). As far as I know, they only work for RWE, but across the entire value chain from gas to energy supply and so a varied portfolio.

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#13 RE: RWE Consulting
26/01/2010 09:00

Anon to Anon (#12)

I should also add that, like most inhouse consultancies, there are 2 career paths. One is the more traditional consulting career path to partner (albeit selling internally) and the second is into a line role in the business

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#14 RE: RWE Consulting
07/06/2010 06:00

Junior consultant to Anon (#13)

I knew about RWE...

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#15 RE: RWE Consulting
10/06/2010 15:10

Anonimator to Junior consultant (#14)

In the UK RWE's major site is in Swindon. Its a massive office where their trading floor is based (Energy commodities) of course.

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#16 RE: RWE Consulting
10/06/2010 16:24

Jeb to Anonimator (#15)

Anyone worked there? Does anyone know if hiring is taking place?

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#17 RE: RWE Consulting
10/06/2010 17:32

Powermonkey to Anonimator (#15)

I heard RWE hiring a while back.

The hiring is taking place in London I believe, where they are looking to grow an office in Victoria, alongside other members of the Big 6 like EDF.

I also believe that their trading operations were recently consolidated to a single trading floor in Germany, though some limited UK trading may continue to take place in Swindon in commodities such as coal.

Finally, I think ZB and Recruiter are correct on this one. RWE is one of Europe's largest firms, and any decent management consultant should keep an eye out for these - its even more important to do this now there are less public sector consulting assignments about ;)

As for some of the petty comments above, if you've got nothing useful to add, don't!

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#18 RE: RWE Consulting
11/06/2010 13:22

anon to Jimmy (#1)

I worked for RWE internal consulting in the UK on contract a few years ago - before the various internal consulting teams were pulled into a more formal single organisation.

They were a good employer - smart & fun people, good teamwork, good facilities, looked after their people.

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#19 RE: RWE Consulting
11/06/2010 16:10

sadsa to anon (#18)

Would the job require german language skills or because it is based in UK they don't mind?

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#20 RE: RWE Consulting
15/06/2010 09:44

RWE Insider to sadsa (#19)

RWE Consulting have grown from nothing to a small team in the UK over the past year. They are based in London, but go where the work is which is predoninantly Swindon and Worcester, but could also be international such as Netherlands, Germany, Eastern Europe. Work is very strategy and transformation focused. RWE also still have a lot of trading in the UK in both Swindon and London.

They were recruiting for the UK team very recently and have not heard otherwise and knowing the English market and speaking English is increasingly a requirement for RWE. German is an advantage, but not a pre-requisite.

Hope this helps

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#21 RE: RWE Consulting
24/01/2014 10:48

ALIASAKA to Jimmy (#1)


Does anyone have recent experience of RWE Consulting (part of the German RWE energy group)? The last insightful post here is dated 2010.

Noticed that they advertise Senior and Managing Consultant roles based in the UK (London/Swindon), though judging by their website projects can take you anywhere in Europe.

I consider applying but wanted to get some more info before I do so. I managed to find quote a bit of info on the interview process on german website (thanks Google for translating) but nothing on pay/benefits.

Any insights on:

- pay and benefits package (base, perks, car/car allowance?, bonus, year on year salary progression)

- what their Managing Consultant grade is equivalent to in 'mainstream' consulting (manager, senior manager?)

- culture

- amount of travel involved

Many thanks


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