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Early Career - move from IT to Consulting

#1 Early Career - move from IT to Consulting
02/01/2010 21:40


Hello All,

I've just started my career and was looking for some advice on my options/next steps for my career in the long-term.

I have recently joined an IT Services firm as a graduate. The services the firm offers span a range of offerings including Business/Technical consulting. I want to work in Consulting and always have done, but the situation I was in mandated swiftly finding a job and as it stands I work in a more technical Systems Integration role. Through various networks and contacts at the firm, I have found that a move into Consulting is a possibility, but after a few years experience. It is early days, but I am considering my options for the long-term direction of my career. Obviously becoming a fully-fledged Consultant will require substantial experience, but I am wondering whether my opportunities would be hindered by not going into a Consulting graduate scheme for instance, where the development is totally geared at becoming a consultant. Again, it is early days, but at the moment, I'm not really being stretched in my current role which I think has prompted these considerations and given this experience (or lack of) would it be prudent to consider taking steps to make a change to a Consulting development role sooner rather than later?



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#2 RE: Early Career - move from IT to Consulting
03/01/2010 15:35

Akira to J_Steeples (#1)

The best thing to do, is to go straight where you want to be. If that means consulting, don't try to get there via two years of technical experience. It's better to start in consulting right away and follow the graduate program.

If that doesn't work and you stay in your more technical role, I would focus on building your soft skills, like leading workshops, giving presentations, client relationship skills...cause these are the typical skills you'll need as a consultant. You will be able to leverage on them when changing after a few years.

Watch out though with the content of your projects: if they're highly technical and it's business consulting you want to get into...the longer you stay where you are, the more difficult it's going to be to make the move!

Good luck.

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#3 RE: Early Career - move from IT to Consulting
04/01/2010 10:04

Anon to J_Steeples (#1)

James - be careful of moving around too much, especially during the early stages of your career. Potential employers may think you don't know what it is you want to do and it could put them off taking you on.

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#4 RE: Early Career - move from IT to Consulting
04/01/2010 20:45

J_Steeples to J_Steeples (#1)

Thanks for the responses. Regarding the moving around too much - this was one of my concerns, though this is the beginning of my career - I'm not getting much of a challenge (very mundane work) in the current role of the programme, and though it will change in a few months time - the lack of professional development at the moment prompted me starting to look for Consulting roles again. I think I will keep pushing for the types of experience that Akira suggested as well as keeping my eyes open.

Thanks again,


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