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DV Related Roles

#1 DV Related Roles
11/12/2009 08:46


Hi, I've noticed that the big 4 are looking for consultants with DV security clearances. Is there a big demand for security cleared individuals and should one have DV clearance prior to application?

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#2 RE: DV Related Roles
11/12/2009 08:50

anon to Bob (#1)

yes and yes (becuase takes 3- 6 months for DV)

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#3 RE: DV Related Roles
11/12/2009 10:40

J to anon (#2)

I believe the official UK Gov line is that job offers should not require candidates to be cleared in advance.

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#4 RE: DV Related Roles
11/12/2009 11:34

James Bond to J (#3)

J - official line is great in theory but if you have a project needing DV then clearly you're going to hire the candidate who can get started ASAP - after all what work is the other non-DV cleared consultant going to do for 3-6 months while you are waiting for the clearance (and worse what are you going to do with them if they don't get clearance!)

However having said that - am not sure how official Gov line applies to private companies hiring policies? (as Bob was talking about big 4 hiring DV cleared candidates not direct hires into Gov)

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#5 RE: DV Related Roles
11/12/2009 13:25

j to James Bond (#4)

I should have added a smiley to my earlier post

However the comment about the official line does refer specifically to private companies not UK Gov itself.

Of course since you can only get cleared because you are on, or likely to be on, work requiring clearance you cannot get it just to help your speculative chances of employment.

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#6 RE: DV Related Roles
11/12/2009 17:57

anon to j (#5)

quick check confirms EY and Deloitte have DV vacancies but couldn't see any at kpmg or pwc - may have missed them, are they recruiting too?

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#7 RE: DV Related Roles
16/12/2009 10:03

Anonimator to anon (#6)

My DV Clearance has just lapsed so I can answer your questions with a little experience.

You can't get DV until you are in a role, You need a company sponsor that is on the government approved list. You also have to have a requirement for the clearance before it is issued.

It is also very expensive, involving 'Men in grey suit' interviews so you wouldn't want to do it yourself anyway.

DV work is pretty varied from mind-numbingly boring to suicidal but it pays well.

Think about it ! I once worked on a project doing desktop replacements on a very secure govt. site because I was the only person cleared to be onsite !

The clearance becomes your key skill !!!! Think very carefully about DV its not like SC !

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#8 RE: DV Related Roles
16/12/2009 11:19

Cleared to Anonimator (#7)

Just to add some balance to Anonimator's post, I have worked on several very interesting and challenging projects with my DV.

Getting the DV in the first place is difficult because of the rules around needing to have a sponsor, project to go to etc but once you have it then it is easy to pick back up if it lapses.

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#9 RE: DV Related Roles
21/12/2009 21:06

John to Cleared (#8)

Does deloitte pipeline looking good with DV related roles?

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#10 RE: DV Related Roles
23/12/2009 11:50

anon to John (#9)

can someone explain what they ask you during the DV process? what are the sorts of things that would make you 'fail'?

I have been offered a role and it required DV - i am already SC and wondering what hoops i would have to jump through...

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#11 RE: DV Related Roles
23/12/2009 16:04

anon to anon (#10)

anon - this site is quite helpful -

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#12 RE: DV Related Roles
24/12/2009 10:23

Anonimator to anon (#11)

The interview process for DV is not designed to try to catch you out, That would be a waste of everyone's time.

They will generally already have all the information they need and the interview is to see that you answer the questions truthfully, are forthcoming and honest.

Trying to hide something is not a good idea.

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#13 RE: DV Related Roles
09/02/2010 20:19

anon to Anonimator (#12)

Big(ish) demand.

Some really really interesting work, but some really dull work that just happens to be for a 'secure' client.

You would need to be really outstanding for the Detica, PA, Deloitte, E&Y, IBM etc players in this field to take you on for intelligence or security work without a DV. That said it does happen at the higher end (director level ish)

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#14 RE: DV Related Roles
10/02/2010 10:20

anon to anon (#13)

they don't care what you have done in the past for DV (within reason), just be open and honest and tell them everything, a few splifs as a student and trip to red light district is no big deal, just tell them (and don't do it again of course). Just be prepared to tell them about all your private, er, 'hobbies'. They are looking to see if you are honest and trustworthy, they are not looking for you to be a monk.

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