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Any chance for a doctor?

#1 Any chance for a doctor?
09/06/2004 11:26


Please I would like to find out if there is any chance of getting a trainee position in a consultancy firm for a Nigerian trained doctor who has no interest in practising medicine?

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#2 Re: Any chance for a doctor?
09/06/2004 13:45

Marcos Leitao

I think it´s pretty hard to happen. These firms usually hire people from computer science, business administration, engineering and economics.

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#3 Re: Any chance for a doctor?
09/06/2004 17:22


I think that a good MBA and some certification in IT and hard work can make your wish possible.

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#4 Re: Any chance for a doctor?
10/06/2004 02:24

Dr. Daniel

Yes, I would say - NOT one chance BUT plenty. You appear to be "ready" to change your direction. Fine. But don't ask for a chance but demand more [for CHANCES]. This world gives little for those who ask for little and gives more for those who DEMAND more.

In fact, if you ask someone, chances are you get little, but if you ask God and yourself, you get more. Just take a piece of paper and a pen today and go to your favourite place and ask yourself what you REALLY want and begin jotting down. Think laterally and quietly.

If you don't wish to practice medicine - fine. There are always others who will do it happily in this world. However, think of OTHER opportunities in your OWN field - the products, other services in which you don't need to come in contact with the patients all day [at irregular timings]. Using your expertise [and hard-earned education / specialised knowledge] as backdrop, can you take advantage of other opportunities your "great" field offers?

I too had my doctorate [not in medicine - but a Ph.D. in science]. I wanted a change and I did my M.B.A. and I am doing my favourite things in life including Marketing, Consulting, and pursuing other hobbies / interests.

Hope I am NOT trying to patronise you. The fact is - do what interests you most. Ask yourself what you want and like best and pursue it with all your strength.

God bless you.

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#5 Re: Any chance for a doctor?
10/06/2004 11:09


If you look back a few weeks or so you will find some similar threads.

There are plenty of opportunities for doctors but you need to know what you want to do or you have no chance. It is very difficult to say in your case because you provide so little information. Are you a 25 yr old junior doctor or a 55 yr old orthopaedic surgeon? Do you have other qualifications? etc etc?

The fact that you don't know if it is even possible would suggest that you haven't yet spent any time researching this. If you are expecting to be offered a job simply because you are a doctor then I would think again. You need to spend a lot of time thinking about exactly what you want to do and then spend even more time working out how to do it.

For instance do you want to work for a strategy firm in the MBB sort of mold, or do you want to work in a more IT focused role with someone like Accenture? Do you want to stay in Nigeria or do you want to move elsewhere? Public sector or private?

Someone mentioned MBAs. In some cases one would be helpful, in others maybe not so much. Would the sort of work you want to do require one? If so you need to work out where and when you are going to do it.

I would spend some serious time doing some research into the consulting world and make some decisions, then post specific questions. Otherwise, nobody will be able to help you.

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