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Is this true?

#1 Is this true?
18/11/2009 19:28


Those who can do - do. Those who cannot do - teach. Those who can neither do nor teach, become consultants!

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#2 RE: Is this true?
18/11/2009 20:09

charles to Curious (#1)

No, it' snot true. Maybe they go work for PA or Accenture. Most MBB consultants can both "do" and teach.

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#3 RE: Is this true?
18/11/2009 20:20

horny kid to charles (#2)

I'd "do" my teach!

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#4 RE: Is this true?
19/11/2009 07:54

Mr Ex-MBB to horny kid (#3)

I remember my first ever day on the job as a consultant. It was with this guy that literally looked like a muppet. Big bushy eyebrows that kept moving up and down, and a nasal sounding voice. A truly horrible character, too. Anyhow, I can remember sitting there, thinking "Why am I doing such basic research and being lectured about how to do percentages by a muppet that graduated in history when I have a first in maths"? At one point, I really felt like I was suck in a very, VERY , <b>VERY</b> boring geography lesson. It really was the most incredibly boring experience of my life. I thought to myself, this is worse than school! I would actually rather be doing homework. This junk was like revising for an exam. It was boring and utterly pointless. He just wanted pages and pages full of boring research to show how thorough his knowledge about international markets was. I felt like I was writing a book, it was that boring.

I can also remember the same muppet asserting his authority during an induction meeting in a stuffy windowless room by making one of the juniors leave (apparently he wasn't paying attention). The only person who got humiliated there was the muppet, not the kid that was told to leave. I am normally a very alert person and can get through some very boring things, but during this guy's talk I actually felt myself starting to nod off. I was literally struggling to keep myself awake. I noticed that other people were starting to flutter too. I had never experienced anything like it until I entered consulting.

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#5 RE: Is this true?
19/11/2009 08:25

anon to charles (#2)

"Most MBB consultants can both "do" and teach."

Don't kid yourself - have you ever been to a McK internal training session? Or seen a Bainee try to "coach" their client. Painful.

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#6 RE: Is this true?
19/11/2009 13:05

Bob to anon (#5)

Can't talk about PA, but from personal experience the reason clients hire ACN is to get stuff done that their own people are too slow, inert, dumb, or incapable of doing.

To be corny about it, that's why there's the "Delivered" in the company's catch phrase.

(That's not to say they always "do" everything right, as evidenced by experiences at NHS, Centrica, RPA, etc. - but each of these cases will have a number of reasons for the screw-up).

Would be more accurate to say that the only thing that MBB consultants ever "do" is research, modelling, powerpoints, and presentations on findings and recommendations. They then leave the "doing" of the results (i.e. putting into practice, operationalising, implementing, executing, etc.) to someone else. Cue ACN.

Perhaps this is just another argument to call PA and ACN people something other than consultants...

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