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#1 Urgent....
17/10/2009 09:44


hello guys r u ? i hope all of u are fine

i have two questions i have to answer them for a job assessment..i have send the answers to the company today...the questions are :

1. While at work, you see a colleague struggling with a task that could clearly be done more efficiently and effectively with a few changes. However, you are working on a project that requires all your attention. If you offer your colleague help, it may cause you to miss your deadline. If you don’t, it is possible that your colleague may fail their task. How would you handle the situation? Why did you choose to handle the situation this way? What are the pros and cons of your approach?

2. You are part of a large team and have been working together for several weeks on a major client's project. The work has been demanding and physically tiring. Conditions at the job location have also been difficult and physically tiring. The project is near completion, the weekend is coming up, and the group has decided to celebrate the end of the project. One group of team members wants to organize a camping trip. Another group wants to arrange a trip to a nearby city to explore what it has to offer. Some other team members want to use the time to rest and relax by themselves. The group has agreed to vote on an option and everyone will do what the group agrees. How would you handle the situation? What would you choose? What did you consider in coming to this decision?

i hope all of u help me

my regards

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#2 RE: Urgent....
18/10/2009 12:00

MC to Ahmed (#1)


one of the core qualities required to be a good Consultant/Professional is the ability to make sound judgments in the face of conflicting priorities and tight time frames - what would you do in the two scenarios you have given us?

Have you even attempted 'solving' the questions yourself? If not, sorry you are not a cut for a career in MC!

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#3 RE: Urgent....
18/10/2009 22:56

ahmed to MC (#2)

dont worry my friend ...i totaly belive , if i didnt do it with myself , no body will do it for me .

The second thing, i have answered the questions by myself ..However , i just post it here to see ur openions ...thats all

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#4 RE: Urgent....
19/10/2009 08:31

Snowy the Cat to Ahmed (#1)

Ahmed - why don't you post your own responses to these questions - and we'll judge, evaluate and discuss (maybe... it IS Monday morning after all....)

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#5 RE: Urgent....
19/10/2009 09:37

a to Snowy the Cat (#4)

It doesn't matter what answer you give - you just need to be able to justify it.

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#6 RE: Urgent....
19/10/2009 23:13

Bob to a (#5)

Definately the camping trip.

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#7 RE: Urgent....
20/10/2009 11:25

Snowy the Cat to Bob (#6)

But by definition that means that some answers cannot be justified. For example, giving a reply to the first question along the lines of "I'd let him fail - only the strong survive and the weak should be derided, ridiculed and finally crushed" is not likely to get you very far.....

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#8 RE: Urgent....
20/10/2009 13:14

ratboy to Ahmed (#1)

the old skool MC approach to the first question would be:

1. let his boss know that he is struggling, and 2. let his boss's boss know that his boss is not keeping on top of things. complete your task and bask in your demonstrable superority to all those around you

question 2 - camping is SO downmarket. second option indicates that you have not actually been working in a city, so.... take the time out to update your resume with the project experience and get it out to some firms with better clients

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#9 RE: Urgent....
20/10/2009 13:18

anigaV to ratboy (#8)

I can't believe you're still asking this question. Unless you're going to benefit from helping him out, don't bother. He's clearly incapable for getting himself into this situation in the first place and displays a clear inability to ask the right people for help.

Get rid of the dead weight if you want to reach the summit. Menstural cycle.

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