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Examples of PPTs by consultancies?

#1 Examples of PPTs by consultancies?
14/10/2009 10:51


Can anyone post (links) to ppt decks done by consultancies? I wanted to compare the quality and see who has the best. I have seen some MBB ones and they are pretty stunning and very consistent. I have also seen some Accenture ones and the quality varied massively from one to another (I think they are less rigorous about following format).

Are PA ones good? or are they just a collection of bullet points on each slide without 'telling a story'?

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#2 RE: Examples of PPTs by consultancies?
14/10/2009 13:47

anon to mark (#1)

See slideshare,net.

There are plenty of decks on there from the MBB firms. Be aware of what you compare though - marketing materials vs. client deliverables vs. internal training decks vs. someone's personal notes. I've seen plenty of unstructured, ragged decks from MBB, as well as Big4. It's only once the final materials go to the offshore graphics centres that they get polished up, put into standard formats, etc.

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#3 RE: Examples of PPTs by consultancies?
14/10/2009 14:48

Secret Squirrel to anon (#2)

Hi mark,

Why have you mentioned PA specifically? Is this an attempt to start the PA bashing in yet another thread?

You are likely to find that PA decks follow a Top-down / Pyramid / Minto structure, this means that whilst they may lack in creativity, structure and sign-posting they do not.

Ultimatley the quality of the material will depend on who is creating the deck. As with all firms this will vary.

I doubt that any 'proper' professional services firm will put a shocking deck in front of their client.


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#4 RE: Examples of PPTs by consultancies?
14/10/2009 19:31

Mark to Secret Squirrel (#3)

The only reason I mentioned PA is because I noticed in the other threads that the consultants brag about being ppt specialists. So I was keen to see one.

I have seen some Booz ones and I have to say I was very impressed - there was something uniform about all the presentations and I was able to work out exactly what was going on without the need for a voice track. I have seen some Deloitte and E&Y ones too and in comparison, well, they didn't compare - they seemed very random and contained a lot of bullets or very long pieces of text (the Booz one was mostly diagrams with just enough text).

As an independent consultant, I want to adopt the best practices, so I am looking for some good examples.

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#5 RE: Examples of PPTs by consultancies?
14/10/2009 20:25

anon to Mark (#4)

Just to correct one point made above, not all the MBB and others have their offshore report production. Of the MBB, McKinsey is the only one having a report production unit offshore.

I work for one of the two BB and we do not have any offshore report production.

As for finding a benchmark, I would rather insist on some books that tell you how a good slide should be made. The graphics and everything else just follow.

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