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#1 Pcubed
09/10/2009 21:37


Anyone know how are they? Can anyone please tell me what do they ask in the interview and what kind of presentation do you have to do.

I searched through old threads but couldnt find information relevant to these questions...most of it is that they interview you and then say there is no vacancy to be filled.

Any inputs from people who have already interviewed regarding actual content will be appreciated

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#2 RE: Pcubed
12/10/2009 14:43

anon to Ashleigh (#1)

Pretty standard interview questions, the presentation can be on pretty much anything but should get across your project/programme management expertise.

I was quite impressed with them overall. The interview process might be lengthy but wouldn't pay too much attention to the old threads here..

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#3 RE: Pcubed
12/10/2009 18:40

Ashleigh to anon (#2)

Thanks anon.

So were you offered the job? What happened

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#4 RE: Pcubed
16/10/2009 22:37

interviewee to Ashleigh (#3)

Interviews vary depending on what level and for what area they are looking to fill. Show your logical problem solving skills, analytical ability and most importantly your understanding of project and programme management - as this is what they do.

The presentation can be any topic (mine was about a charity activity that I organised) but again it should demonstrate your project management abilities (and hopefully your results oriented approach).

The more important question to prob ask yourself is - do you want a career doing strictly project and programme management?

Good luck

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#5 RE: Pcubed
17/10/2009 20:52

OneMC to interviewee (#4)

very shoddy outfit.....wouldnt touch them with a bargepole!

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#6 RE: Pcubed
18/10/2009 20:52

Frank to OneMC (#5)

Do tell more..

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#7 Pcubed
26/11/2009 12:43

Anon to OneMC (#5)

Pcubed are a waste of time - the interveiw when they dont have a position to fill just to show the market that they have growth prospects and are a waste of precious annual leave days. Barge Pole - wouldn't touch

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#8 RE: Pcubed
27/11/2009 13:09

Ade to Ashleigh (#1)

This is the 3rd bargepole - yes, a waste of time. Undertook interview process - when there was actually no role on offer. Same process as other posts here - free form presentation, topic of your chosing as it's probably irrelevant anyway. But OK if you need to rehearse for meaningful interviews.

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#9 RE: Pcubed
28/11/2009 13:18

anon to Ade (#8)

I went through the recruitment process with pcubed, took ages but did get offered a job at the end of it. Didnt't take it, but shows they do make offers to some people!

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#10 RE: Pcubed
28/11/2009 17:18

Ash to anon (#9)

I had an interview with them 2 months back. Was told to do a presentation. During interview I was told that there are many projects and they are looking to hire big time.

Later I came to know that there was no role in the first place. I was told I was successful but they have lot of people on bench and hence not recruiting new people.

What a waste of time !!!

Then I got another email saying that the HR contact has resigned, and the person who mailed me is leaving in next month and gave me contact of another person for any queries. Seems like everyone is leaving there.

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#11 RE: Pcubed
29/11/2009 16:13

insider to Ash (#10)

The process works like this:

1st stage: Initial CV sift - CVs sent directly or from agencies. Some agencies have a better success rate than others.

2nd stage :Telephone interview - this will be with one of the project managers after their normal day's work or taking time off during it. A lot of candidates fall at this stage - how can you seriously put yourself forward to a PPM consultancy if you've never delivered anything, don't know one end of a plan from another, and can't articulate what value you'd bring to a client?

3rd stage: On-site interviews with HR and at least one Managing Consultant. As covered by other posters.

4th stage: On-site interview with the the Director of EMEA or in some cases a delegate.

So, what about the comments on meaningless interviews? I can't give an authoritative view but here are three observations:

Firstly, there certainly are roles. Since the PMs have to give up either billable work or their own time to conduct the interviews, it would make no sense to hold them where there are no positions to fill. In the past few months people have been recruited to roles from L2 (junior PM, someone who would work as part of a team or in a PSO role) to L7 (Managing Consultant). Compensation is similar to the TopConsultant figures for Project Management Consultancies.

Secondly, the recession has upset normal patterns. During the past year, there have been 2 periods I'm aware of where the bench grew to the point where recruitment practically stopped although there have been no redundancies and right now there is zero bench outside of France. Also in the current climate the pace of recruitment is definitely slower and it seems people are being brought in to specific growing sectors , so they need specific types of experience alongside good traditional PM skills.

Thirdly our HR dept is sadly neither the glory of the company nor the envy of the industry, so I would have little confidence in how well they handled the feedback either to the good candidates who lacked the specific skills the opportunity needed, or to the inept characters who couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag.

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#12 RE: Pcubed
29/11/2009 16:53

insider to insider (#11)

Sorry, should have made it clear this is the UK interview process. I don't know how it works in the other major markets (US, Germany, France, Australia).

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#13 RE: Pcubed
29/11/2009 20:40

Insider too to deleted (#0)

Yep - not much point in having a HR operated process if your HR function is a pile of toss. Not a great face to market for candidates is it? Word spreads, like this site for instance has quite a few responses with a common thread.

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