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How to negotiate pay packages?

#1 How to negotiate pay packages?
15/05/2004 09:36


Hello every one. I have been offered a place with CSC as a change management consultant. Could any one advise me about pay package negotiations? How safe is it to ask for a sign on bonus?

Are annual bonuses negotiable?

Does one have to clarify the annual increments in advance? or are they same for all?

Thanks for your help.

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#2 Re: How to negotiate pay packages?
19/05/2004 17:05

Lon Blumenthal

Hello: Suggest you determine the minimum you can live with if you were to make this change. Next determine how willing the decision maker is to negotiate. You can estimate this by asking what the salary range is the position and asking if there is any flexibility. Then ask if the position is bonus eligible. If you get the sense that the person is somewhat flexible and if he/she really wants you, then it is likely ok if you ask for a signing bonus or other elements that you want. On the other hand, it the person does not seem to be flexible and if you are not sure if they really want you, then I would suggest you proceed gently. If you are too assertive, they may get cold feet and back off. Pick the one element you really want and ask of they would consider it. It they will, then based on their tone and interest in you, decide if you want to ask for another element. Go as far as your judgment and their response allow. Hope this is helpful.

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#3 How to negotiate pay packages?
20/05/2004 12:41


Thanks Lon Blumenthal.

The HR has designed a package and the recruitment consultants have said that is what the HR is prepared to give.

Should one go to HR directly once they make a written offer?


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#4 Mancdoc
20/05/2004 13:23


Mancdoc, would you be prepared to tell me a bit more about the role you have accepted, ie what your role would be as a doctor, location, benefits in general (ie no figures but just relative to NHS payscales), and career/exit opportunities as you perceive them?

Are you looking at this post in the long term or more as a stepping stone to something else? I am presuming that you are the same previous poster that has an MBA from Manchester. Do you think you would have been able to land this job without your MBA? If you don't want to write anything here please e-mail me at Thank you!

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#5 Re: How did you manage the CSC job?
21/05/2004 12:28

K M Mathew


I am assuming you are a doctor. Did you have to do an MBA before you could move on into consulting.

Could you let me know how you made the transition?



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#6 Re: How did you manage the CSC job?
21/05/2004 13:17


See thread No 33. Are you a doctor as well K M Mathew?

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#7 Re: CSC package
23/05/2004 23:39

ex CSC employee

Mancdoc - be wary. CSC like all big companies will work within a set of rules and they ain't gonna change just for you. In the current climate I know they are short of staff for the NHS stuff so you could be in a very good bargaining position. Typically they pay bonuses based on 1. you meeting your targets 2. your department meeting its targets and 3. the company meeting its targets. So in a good year everyone wins; in a bad year, well...I would say a sign on bonus is highly unlikely. Don't want to appear too negative but you should be aware of real life. After all, I worked for them. Best of luck, amigo.

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#8 Re: CSC package
24/05/2004 15:28


Thanks Amigo!

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#9 How did you manage the CSC job?
24/05/2004 15:30


hi there yes i am a doc and yes i have an MBA.

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