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Career Advice

#1 Career Advice
20/09/2009 15:13



I have been working in a Pharma consultancy for the last 2.5 yrs (only job). The work is not very strategy oriented- mainly outsourced work (Excel/VBA economic modelling). I have been trying to get into a management consultancy for the last 1.5 yrs. I have had interviews in top-tier, 2nd tier firms as well as niche strategy consultancies. However, I have been unable to find a job. I have an offer for an economic consultancy that works with government agencies (EU, NHS, OECD, health agencies) and my job will involve working in mainly healthcare projects with govts (the other side of the pond to what I am currently doing), although I will have the opportunity to work with crime and justice agencies. Do you think it’s a good idea to work in public sector as opposed to pharma?



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#2 RE: Career Advice
20/09/2009 20:13

Forchet to KD (#1)

It really depends on what you find interesting. Working on healthcare policy (esp. right now), crime and justice, sounds fascinating to me, whereas I've found the pharma projects I've worked on to be very slow-moving, bloated, and boring. It's horses for courses.

It sounds like you're contemplating swapping a type of work you don't like in a sector you do like; for a type of work you may like more in a sector you're less keen on. Solely on this basis, it may be a reasonable stepping stone into your target quadrant (work you enjoy in a sector you like) in another few years - by that point you will hopefully be able to demonstrate both ability for consulting, and experience/knowledge of Pharma.

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#3 RE: Career Advice
21/09/2009 09:22

KD to Forchet (#2)

Hi Forchet,

Its hard for me to say if I like working in healthcare policy as I have never worked on anything else other than in Pharma, although I do find it having more impact. I would like to have a change as work has become very monotonous. I just wonder what my career prospects will be after working a couple of years in the public sector. The company is a niche player is public policy (working mainly in health and crime). I suspect it won't be as fast paced as Pharma but it will give me good networking opportunities. The training will be on the job (they don't do formal training). My other option is to look out for a job in a strategy house but it’s so difficult these days... I do get called to interviews but the process is long and hard and they never seem to accept me :(


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#4 RE: Career Advice
21/09/2009 21:00

anon to KD (#3)

Once you're into the public sector, I would think that you'd be stuck there (or at least you'll significantly reduce your marketability into private sector). And public sector is definitely not everyone's cup of tea...

Doesn't there exist any opportunity to do any other type of work at your current firm? Difficult time to be looking for a direction change...

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