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how does a doc break into management consultancy

#1 how does a doc break into management consultancy
02/05/2004 11:46

P Desai

Dear all,

I am an orthopaedic surgeon with an MBA from Manchester Business School. I am keen on getting into management consultancy. However, three major firms turned me down saying my profile does not fit their requirements. One firm of recruitment consultants told me I should have a medical background, a business background and an IT background too.

Is there some trick or basic point that I am missing?

Can any one advise?



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#2 Re: how does a doc break into management consultancy
03/05/2004 17:33


Strange, did they really not give you any more specific feedback? I would imagine that McKinsey, for instance, would look more at "intrinsics" than at the details of your qualifications. On the other hand, I suspect that they do need want certain degree of "flashiness" in your resume, and I suspect that they have a mild prejudice pro candidates yoounger than mid-thirties.

Anyone else have comments?

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#3 Re: how does a doc break into management consultancy
04/05/2004 09:26


It would be interesting to know who had turned you down. I presume from your MBA that you are in the UK.

Certainly McKinsey are or have recently been interested in doctors in The UK. They specifically advertised for them in the BMJ in January. But even then they had a few hundred applicants for 40 places at an open evening, so moving into consulting for doctors in now very competitive.

They don't require you to have a business background or an IT background. It would obviously help with the interview cases to be 'business aware', but you don't need an MBA to get in. IT wise, I don't think that you need to be able to program or anything like that, just be able to use Excel and PP. I interviewed with them and I do not have an MBA and can only do the basics on a computer. The whole process was assessing 'intrinsic' skills, as the previous poster said.

So for a recruiter to say that I would guess that they are either talking specifically about IT consulting, such as the NHS National Programme for IT, or don't know what they are talking about.

I have no idea why you have been turned down without interview. You would think that the MBA would make you more attractive than a lot of other doctors out there. Certainly age may be a factor, although I was interviewing alongside a guy who was 35-40, at least. May well be a CV problem, but you would think your business school would have helped with that aspect.

It might be worth ringing them again to try and find out why specifically you were turned down. Can your business school careers office not help with CV checking and contacts?

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#4 Re: how does a doc break into management consultancy
07/05/2004 14:29

Paritosh Desai

All that I received from McKinsey was a forwarded email saying (the usual)that though my cv was excellent blah blah blah, currently I did not meet the profile. To a friend of mine who wrote to them on my behalf they said they recruit only from the top business schools (having said that I have graduated from one of the top 50 in the world). Thanks for your feedback.

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#5 Re: how does a doc break into management consultancy
07/05/2004 23:02


No, they recruit from top universities, not just top business schools. Their recruitment presentation (UK) had some pie chart showing that something like 50% new hires were MBA, 40% PhD/doctors, 10% BA/BSc. Not including experienced hires. Vague recollection of figures, but that was the gist. I know several offered places who were PhD or BA/BSc. MBA recruitment is a separate process from other university campus recruitment.

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#6 Your point being??
12/05/2004 22:12


Yes they do hire from universities, but the original poster is a doctor with an MBA. As such he/she could go in at associate level on the strength of either their medical degree or MBA, either via direct applications or business school recruiting.

University hiring would be a total irrelevance to someone who I would guess probably left University 5-10 years ago.

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#7 Re: how does a doc break into management consultancy
14/05/2004 09:51


If it's not a silly question... why on earth did you get a friend to write to them on your behalf???


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#8 Re: Docs in Consulting
15/05/2004 09:32

P Desai

Thanks all for your feedback and suggestions. Last week I have been offered a place by CSC. Would appreciate it if any one knows how to negotiate the package (myself being from the public sector, never had to think in terms of packages).

Have a nice weekend all!

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