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doc wanting career at mckinsey

#1 doc wanting career at mckinsey
23/04/2004 00:49

a narang

I am a doctor and a dentist with two post graduate qualifications and am desperate for a career in management consultancy - preferably with mckinsey or BCG. I do not posess a MBA or other experience. Can anyone advise me the best way of getting on in the industry and /or any career advise?

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#2 Re: doc wanting career at mckinsey
23/04/2004 10:06


Just apply. Both of their websites have specific instructions for doctors/PhDs/lawyers (ie those with advanced professional degrees) on how to go about applying. But don't send them a four page 'medical CV' with lists of publications. There are plenty of websites around that can help you with a 'business focused' CV.

What country are you in? Am not so sure about BCG but McKinsey are interviewing UK doctors at the moment, or at least have been in the last month or so. They placed an ad in The BMJ a couple of months ago and had an evening information session for approx 40 doctors. Those that wanted to apply were then interviewed. Supposedly 300 people had wanted to attend the evening so you are not alone.

You don't need an MBA as well as your medical qualifications. You will however be competing with MBA students for the same posts so it is worth spending some time learning 'MBA speak' and practicing for interviews.

Interviews are very different from those you would have for a medical job and you need to prepare in advance. You need to specifically prepare leadership examples (not so difficult for doctors) and business cases (example on their websites).

The first thing to do though is apply. If you have contacts at either firm use them, but if not apply online or ring the advanced degree HR people and see what they would prefer.

If you want to ask questions off-air, you can e-mail me at

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#3 Re: doc wanting career at mckinsey
14/05/2004 07:03

Sudip Kumar Sarkar

Dear Sir,

I am enclosing my CV below. Can I get a chance to work as Management Consultant? Please advise.





152, Raja Rajendralal Roy Road,

Beliaghata, Block -A, Flat No. -2D,

Kolkata -700010.

Mobile No: 9830048562, 9830080649.

E-mail No.:

Cumulative experience: 13 years.


 MBA - Finance, from Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISW & BM) -Calcutta.

 B. Tech from Regional Engineering College, Warangal, India. Graduation Stream: Electrical Engineering.

 NCFM Certificate in Capital Market (Dealers) Module.


: MEMBER OF Indian Council of Arbitration ( MICA)



13 years in the areas of sales & marketing, i.e., planning, budgeting, Costing along with cash flow & fund flow controlling, recruitment, market development, developing and recommending an effective strategy for successful entry into the market, revenue recovery, leading a sales force, business area administration, etc.

Presently working as Manager- Marketing (East)- Calcutta, for Control Techniques India Ltd., A Division Of Emerson Electric Company, U.S.A., Responsible For Marketing & Branch Operation In Eastern India. And Exports Orders.

IT skills: MS Office - 97, Microsoft Access, HTML, Web Design, Internet etc.

Operating Systems: Windows95. SAP Functional theoretical knowledge.

Paper Publications: Paper Publication On Management In National Business Journals -

1. "Beyond Re-Engineering –Achieving A Quantum Leap In Performance" Published In The Management Column Of October'96 ,3rd Issue Of The Hindu Business Line, Madras.

2. "Cash –Flow Investing" Published In The Management Accountant –ICWAI Journal Vol. –31, 12th December '96 Issue.

3."Intangible Assets: Apply The Formulae To Assess The Value" Published In The Statesman –Quest On 14th March '97.

4."Information Technology– Cyber Power" Published In The Money & Capital Journal Vol.-4, No.-2, February '97.

Sudip Kumar Sarkar

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#4 Blimey
14/05/2004 09:12



That's pretty sporting, putting your CV and whole life onto a public discussion board. I hope you don't attract any stalkers!

I can't answer your question. I suppose anyone could be a management consultant, but I wouldn't think this is the best way to go about it.

Have you spoke to the careers people at your business school? Have you actually applied to any firms? That's the only way to find out for sure.

Get your CV as good as it can be and get it out there. Then see what happens. Incidentally there is not a single extra-curricular activity on your CV. I have worked before with people that do nothing but publish articles and I wouldn't want to do it again. You also write 'etc' a couple of times. A CV should explain your achievements. Writing etc means you are leaving it to someone else to interpret as they wish. Very risky when applying for a job you particularly want.

I would get some professional advice about your CV, then apply to all the firms you are interested in. Nobody here can tell you whether or not you will be successful.

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