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i want to quit

#1 i want to quit
10/08/2009 22:32


I've landed myself in Consulting, and i've been there for 6 months as an entry-level person; but i hate the environment i work in. I want to leave, as I’ve really had enough, and then go looking for another job! Any thoughts, anyone else in similar situation?

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#2 RE: i want to quit
10/08/2009 22:36

Kim Jon Il to anonymous (#1)

Don't quit, but start thinking that you don't care if you keep your job. Your colleagues will feel it and respect you more.

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#3 RE: i want to quit
10/08/2009 23:15

Stick with it to Kim Jon Il (#2)

Stick with it for, say, another 5 years. If you still feel the same after that, console yourself with only being another 5 years away from making partner and the big bucks.

And then you'll fit in. But never talk about this.

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#4 RE: i want to quit
11/08/2009 09:22

Mr Cool to anonymous (#1)

Why do you hate it? A few more details would ensure you get individual advice that you might find useful. Otherwise the best we can do is say "Yeah, its garbage, you should leave!"

Job? Travel? Boss? Money? Status? Location? Loss of self respect? Demands of sexual gratification from your octogenarian boss?

What's the problem?

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#5 RE: i want to quit
11/08/2009 10:03

MJ to Mr Cool (#4)

Demands of sexual gratification from your octogenarian boss?

-> My dream job - where do you work?

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#6 RE: i want to quit
11/08/2009 14:06

I did it ... to MJ (#5)

I quit. It's great.

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#7 RE: i want to quit
11/08/2009 17:28

The Doer to anonymous (#1)

Do it! DO IT!

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#8 RE: i want to quit
11/08/2009 17:37

Mars A Day to anonymous (#1)

Hate is a strong word - are you sure you feel that strongly about it? If it's bearable it might be worthwhile hanging on while you look for something else. What is it that is driving you to conclude you don't want to stay after only 6 Months? To second Mr Cool, you need to provide some more detail.

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#9 RE: i want to quit
12/08/2009 22:25

Conan the Ballbearing to Mars A Day (#8)

In case you haven't noticed (original poster) there is a Recession out there and decent jobs are hard to come by. I know it's really rubbish but try and hang in there until the market picks up again but keep looking in the meantime.

Unles you wrok at PA....

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#10 RE: i want to quit
13/08/2009 10:51

anon to Conan the Ballbearing (#9)

which presumably you do as you can neither spell nor type....

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#11 RE: i want to quit
13/08/2009 12:39

ex consultant to anon (#10)

I joined consulting in a junior/mid range position and realised after a few months I hated it (specifically the culture and environment). I stuck it out thinking it may change (it didn’t) and that it was good for my CV and bank balance (which it was).

After a few years I left for an industry job and have never been happier (literally). I realise now how much I disliked my previous job, in fact I had completely forgotten that’s its possible to enjoy work. I now get paid more and do 9-5 everyday, and more importantly I work in a pleasant and supportive culture.

In retrospect I would have probably left earlier and sacked off the improved money and CV benefits, because I now realise what’s important to me. But having said that maybe I wouldn’t have got my current job/wage if I had done that?

So basically you have two choices

1. Leave now because you hate it, take the next decent job that comes along (could be a bit of a lottery)

2. Accept that it’s not for you, but stick it out and see it as a means to an end (it is just a job after all). Even if you stay for 18 months you will leave with a better CV and should command a higher wage.

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#12 RE: i want to quit
13/08/2009 13:47

David to anonymous (#1)

I've worked in consultancy for nearly 25 years. When I first became a consultant I hated the culture of the organisation I worked in. I moved on and found another big 4 company where I greatly enjoyed it. However it was easy to move then. Ask yourself is it the company you work for? Is it the consultancy lifestyle? Do you want a regular 9-5 job with limited variety? If you decide to jumpnow the job market is still very slow so I hope you are in a strong financial position. It could be of course that the company is struggling in the recession as many are - in which case everybody working there thinks just as you do

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#13 RE: i want to quit
13/08/2009 19:21

Conan the Ballbearing to David (#12)

Ooops.....rumbled by anon. It's a fair cop guv!

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#14 RE: i want to quit
14/08/2009 15:19

CR to Conan the Ballbearing (#13)

I quit Accenture today :-)

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#15 RE: i want to quit
14/08/2009 22:57

anon to CR (#14)

Quit. See if we care. In fact the industry will probably be better off without you.

If you hate it so much then you might reflect later on it as a good choice.

So its a win-win solution.

It's a recession, there's no time for the 'not sure if I like it' types. It's called work. That's why you get paid for it. Its also why you don't get paid if you dont turn up.

Its not a holiday and not a laid back university lifestyle. Get used to it or jump ship.

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#16 RE: i want to quit
29/08/2009 15:40

amber lynn to anon (#15)

omg anon!!! thats so rude!! i can't believe you can go out and make such comments like "quit!" and "see if we care"

theres poor gentleman is poor his soul out here and your behaving like that?! my goodness, what has the world come to these days!

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#17 RE: i want to quit
02/09/2009 06:57

pal to amber lynn (#16)

Consulting is ok - but yeah you dont realise how much enjoyable life is when your not constantly chasing after promotion. I did 3 years now work for government on a decent enouogh salary, and feel like im in early retirement. By that i mean i work hard, but i know i can always quit and go back to consulting if i want more money, so im here for as long as im still enjoying it. I have more free time and am using my decent enough salary to do loads more in london than i had time to do before.

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#18 RE: i want to quit
02/09/2009 07:31

Anon to pal (#17)

Firstly, Amber Lynn sounds like a really nice person. I think friendly, caring people like her are great. Amber is such a nice name too.

Secondly, I like pal's comment about feeling like he's in early retirement. I can remember when I went to a 90 hour week environment to one where people actually left the office at 5.30 every day. It felt weird - in a nice way. At first I had feelings of guilt, like I was skiving off by being home at 7.00pm. Then I realised that I had been brainwashed and it is in fact perfectly acceptable to enjoy your evenings at home.

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#19 RE: i want to quit
20/10/2009 19:31

JAC to anonymous (#1)

To anonymous, like you, I've landed myself in consulting and I've been there for 12 months as an entry-level person. It is not a satisfying experiene. I want to leave too. But not sure else I can do...

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#20 RE: i want to quit
20/10/2009 19:49

james to anonymous (#1)

just quit if that's what you want. why send an email asking for advice?

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#21 RE: i want to quit
20/10/2009 20:05

Recruiter to james (#20)

Stick it out for 18 months at least, otherwise it will be picked up by a future potential employer when they read your CV. Nothing worse than being seen as a job-hopper. Unless, of course, you have a REALLY acceptable reason for leaving. 'Hating the environment' is not good enough .....

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#22 RE: i want to quit
21/10/2009 01:00

ex-enture to anonymous (#1)

I don't think 6 months is really enough time to do justice to your consulting career, and to judge whether it's the right industry for you in such a short space of time. I'm presuming your roles are project based, so if your miserable in your current role why not ask to be assigned to a new role/project?

One aspect of my consulting career I enjoyed was the opportunity to work on different roles, so if you're miserable on one role, there's always light at the end of the tunnel to try something new. A new client or project is almost as good as getting a new job.

I'd suggest giving it another 6 months to see whether you're still miserable (keeping in mind the job market is still challenging). You don't want to end up in a boring public sector job and regret not giving your consulting career a chance. But be clear on whether it's the nature of the consulting industry as a whole that you don't enjoy, or whether it's the particular environment/project you find yourself in that's causing you to hate your job.

And if its the nature of consulting work (long hours, demanding clients, challenging deliverables, competitive environment) that you have a problem with, then maybe a move into industry may be better suited for you. Consulting isn't for everyone, you just need to be clear on what you want and go for it. But if you do, make sure you secure a job offer before handing in your notice.

Good luck.

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#23 RE: i want to quit
29/10/2009 17:48

anti consultaholic to ex-enture (#22)

If you hate it maybe its not for you. If you want to leave your reason is that you want to focus on making an impact to the success of one business rather than hopping from project to project as consultants do ;o)

Alternatively you are just getting used to working life and all jobs will seem quite tough - in which case when you move out of consulting you will feel like you are on holiday even though you have loads to do...because consulting is just like that. It's totally sh*t when you have a manager who loves the long hours because it makes them feel needed.

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#24 RE: i want to quit
30/10/2009 19:35

Moebius to anonymous (#1)

For me, consultancy is like that really beautiful girl that you know she's mischiveous but very attractive; she gives pleasure and joy, but you know she's not that lovely wife you want to marry and nurture a family life along with her...

I've been working in consultancy for 5 years and I am sure there's better stuff out there (at least in the next future, hopefully) In the mean time, I sometimes really enjoy dealing with, what can sometimes be, a challenging activity, full of obstacles (as at any other job) but very rewarding professionally speaking. Especially when you really deliver and your client is happy and lets you know (what does not necessarily happen in the same way at work).

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