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Royal Mail

#1 Royal Mail
21/07/2009 13:05


Hi All,

What kind of career openings/opportunities could I except in future after working in Royal Mail as Senior Manager (3 levels below the board)?

To be specific - will my experience in Commercial (Marketing, New Ventures, etc) and in Operations within Royal Mail be useful anywhere else (i.e. will this experience be seen as 'transferable' skill/experience) in future?

Also, what kind of projects/work could I expect as part of operations in Royal Mail?

Lastly, apologies if this question sounds too basic, under which industry verticle Royal Mail can be cantegorised - Logistics, Transportation, Supply Chain, Procurement (or any other industry)?

Thanks for your guidance in advance.

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#2 RE: Royal Mail
21/07/2009 13:34

Mr Cool to anon (#1)

Good post - cleary thought a bit about it first and now asking for further advice on specific points. Previous posters of "what company should I go work for?" please take note!!

Marketing experience is often transferable, but mainly within “category” of target, so firms that market to SME’s will value SME experience, B2B the same, consumer the same. Within consumer there are lots of segments where it’s a bit insular, e.g. drinks industry. I would assume your experience at RM is either B2C of the main mass market service, or perhaps the range of “add on services such as FS products, or perhaps the B2B services. You would need to match this to target employers. I would not expect consultancies to be interested in this experience, but non-consultancy firms would be (assuming you’re good, of course)

Operational experience at RM I would say would be most interesting to logistics firms, obvious competitors such as DHL, Fed EX, etc, but haulage firms, shipping etc, as long as you’re been involved in that side of things. There are also a number of firms that do logistics consulting and cover things like transport efficiency, inventory management, delivery, warehousing and storage (have a look at just as an example).

If you do join a consultancy, I would expect your entry position to be as an “on the ground consultant” – that means billing at least 70% of your time (preferably 90%) and therefore travelling to clients sites on a Monday and coming back on a Friday could be the norm. Without previous consulting firm experience you are unlikely to start in a management or sales position that would reduce your on-site and travel commitment.

Do not confuse this with a junior or badly paid job - its just that in consulting there are very flat structures - most people need to bill A LOT unless they are pulling in significant sales figures instead, and only proven sellers would be hired in as salesmen.

You mention procurement almost as an aside? Have you done a lot of this? If so then it could be another transferable skill, but procurement consultants are expected to have a very wide and deep experience and have knowledge of all sorts of e-buying platforms, legal, negotiations, etc.

Good luck

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#3 RE: Royal Mail
21/07/2009 14:26

Mars A Day to anon (#1)

Or you could go another way.

Try to blend your commercial and ops experience into one tool kit (new operating models etc) and you'll come out as an expert in innovations. Deliver this kind of work in an organisation as large and frankly defective as RM and you will have a blueprint to go do it with any significant organisation - take that chip to people like ADL, Edengene, etc or even major industry players with a standing innovations function (as distinct from marketing etc).

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#4 RE: Royal Mail
22/07/2009 09:24

anon to Mars A Day (#3)

Thank you Cool and Mars. Yours views are helpful and much appreciated.

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