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Reading List

#1 Reading List
04/06/2009 07:41


In order to enter MC, I can think of "The Economist" as a regular read. Anything else in the list?

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#2 RE: Reading List
04/06/2009 10:24

anon to SamMan (#1)

'Process optimisation of data migration and technical architecture in a multipolar world' is absolutely essential, along with GQ magazine.

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#3 RE: Reading List
04/06/2009 11:43

Mars to SamMan (#1)

Word of the day toilet roll.

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#4 RE: Reading List
04/06/2009 13:27

Evil Consultant to SamMan (#1)

Every Dilbert comic strip ever written.


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#5 RE: Reading List
04/06/2009 17:53

Anon to SamMan (#1)

'How to Claim Jobseekers Allowance' by the Jobcentre. Available in several languages.

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#6 RE: Reading List
04/06/2009 18:50

Anon to Anon (#5)

"Overcoming depression and anxiety: a self-help guide"


"How to deal with bullying at work"

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#7 RE: Reading List
04/06/2009 19:11

Igor to Anon (#6)

Analysing Scrotum imapct. An indepth circumferential study.

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#8 RE: Reading List
05/06/2009 07:40

SamMan to Igor (#7)

Nice :) Anymore insights?

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#9 RE: Reading List
05/06/2009 15:49

anon to SamMan (#8)

If you've already finished my earlier process optimisation suggestion then try the '10 day MBA' book, I forget who the author is but it is basically a broad overview of different aspects of business and will be very useful.

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#10 RE: Reading List
08/06/2009 16:57

Professor Oomph to anon (#9)

Forget the 10 Day MBA; I know a consultant who wants to GET IT DONE when I see one, so why waste valuable time spending 10 whole days on a err... 10 Day MBA.

No, read my new publication, the 3 Day MBA: like the 10 Day MBA for those with ADD and GET IT DONE - TODAY!

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#11 RE: Reading List
08/06/2009 17:07

Anon to Professor Oomph (#10)

That's nothing! What he really wants is MY book, the "10 minute MBA". Busy executives like him just don't have time to waste on reading books. My book gives you the key points of an MBA course summarised into a handy 10 minute read.

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#12 RE: Reading List
08/06/2009 17:36

Professor Oomph to Anon (#11)

That's all very well but your 10 Minute MBA is not heavily dosed with exhortations to GET IT DONE which are essential if you want to well... get it done.

But I smell a challenge (I thought it was time to change my socks but I double checked and it's definately a challenge, smells sort of like a stale wotsit, that's the smell of a challenge people THE SMELL OF A CHALLENGE), so prepare for this:


YES! YES! Just repeat the letters M...B...A... let the thought sink in, and know that you too can GET IT DONE!.

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#13 RE: Reading List
08/06/2009 22:29

A cynical ACN soul.. to Professor Oomph (#12)

...why do most posts end up being full of sarcastic/pointless comments?

It makes you think.

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#14 RE: Reading List
09/06/2009 15:13

Free(lancer) as a bird to A cynical ACN soul.. (#13)

If you want a serious suggestion from someone who made it up the consulting ladder some years ago, is now making 50% more cash for 30% less hours (yes - the nirvana of well networked, reliable-income freelancing - and no, not contracting, before there are any wise cracks!) and still reads both old and classic publications…..

For a quick and easy way to keep up to date with social affairs I recommend The Week - don't laugh, your clients may actually prefer to have intelligent people who know something of the world, rather than just a functional droid.

For negotiation - by far the least developed skill of most consultants today (so much so I'm thinking of running classes in my alcohol drinking time) then Fisher & Ury's "Getting to Yes" is very useful - but it does require that you practice the skills all the time; negotiation is not well suited to purely book based learning.

For strategy and cutting through the bull, then you should speed-read Michael Porter - his early work is still spot on for a simple reminder that there only are a limited number of generic strategies. If your client (or your own start-up pet project) don't conform to his breakdown then they/your are 99% probably going to fail OR 1% doing something so brilliant even Porter didn't see it coming - you decide which is more likely. Don't however read all of it - each page of brilliance is padded by eighty pages either side.

For becoming rich and understanding personal success, read Felix Dennis (his autobiography), quite simply the only "How to get Rich" book worth bothering about. Not because it tells you any secrets (there are none), but because he will force you to confront yourself in a completely honest way. As a successful poet (in addition to multi-billionaire), he is also an extremely good writer - some of his more personal prose moments have a brutal human truth I had not read since first reading Hemmingway.

And speaking of which, read Hemmingway (For Whom the Bell Tolls/The Old Man & The Sea) to understand the human spirit, Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby) to understand the pursuit of money, happiness and the American (now global) dream, and any of Le Carre's Cold War novels to remind yourself how quickly our world can change, and yet stay the same.

And if you are recently unemployed, read Jeffrey Archer (any old drivel will do) to remind yourself that as long as you have the guts and determination you can overcome even bankruptcy and a complete lack of talent to become a millionaire without having any discernable talent whatsoever.

I hope you enjoy them, learn from them and find some time to enjoy your life.

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#15 RE: Reading List
09/06/2009 16:12

Mars A Day to Free(lancer) as a bird (#14)

One of the best posts I've read on here in some time. Now excuse me while I return to reading The Beano.

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#16 RE: Reading List
09/06/2009 17:30

Professor Oomph to Free(lancer) as a bird (#14)


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#17 RE: Reading List
10/06/2009 03:21

SamMan to Free(lancer) as a bird (#14)

Thanks for your reply Freelancer.

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