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Hours at Bain

#1 Hours at Bain
03/06/2009 15:09

Alfonso III

I just recieved an offer which I am considering. Does anyone have an insight into 'average' hours as a SAC?

I am coming from PE and would like to avoid 8am-2am mon-sat... I have very different opinions expressed on the actual tenacity. Any help appreciated, thank you

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#2 RE: Hours at Bain
03/06/2009 17:09

anon to Alfonso III (#1)

I can speak for my office, but I assume it's pretty much the same everywhere..

The thing is, it varies a lot between cases and practices. As a general rule, u can expect to work a lot (as u sad, 8am 2pm mon-sat) in the PE practice and in most complicated cases (short deadlines, M&As etc.). However, on average u may expect to work between 65-70 hours a week. Weekend work is rare, let's say once every two months and almost never in the office (but again, depends on the case..).

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#3 RE: Hours at Bain
03/06/2009 17:45

Alfi to anon (#2)

Is this true for more 'relaxed' offices like Milan and Madrid? Thank you, this is invaluable!

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#4 RE: Hours at Bain
03/06/2009 18:00

Cynic to Alfi (#3)

YUCK! 65-70 hours per week?? I hope they're paying you a seriously big salary for those kind of hours (i.e. banker style bonuses)? Because you'll never get your 20's back again...

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#5 RE: Hours at Bain
03/06/2009 22:38

anon to Cynic (#4)

Cynic: actually I have a base salary which is good and a bonus which is around 15% of base. So I earn a lot less than IBers. But I work much less than IBers.

Alfi, I do not know anything precise about Madrid and Milan. The only thing that I know is that the Milan office has a strong reputation (probably one of the best in Europe), while Madrid seems to be the "weakest" office.

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#6 RE: Hours at Bain
03/06/2009 22:48

Alfi to anon (#5)

Anon - thank you very much for that. One final clarification:

The milan office has the 'strongest' reputations - did you mean in terms of culture / lifestyle or in terms of quality of work? Could you kindly expand on this - apologies, I really appreciate it.


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#7 RE: Hours at Bain
04/06/2009 08:05

anon to Alfi (#6)

Milan office has a strong reputation for three reasons;

1. Quality of the projects, especially in consumer goods

2. Profitability of the office; it is by far one of the most profitable office worldwide

3. Brand. In Italy Bain has an extremely good positioning.

I do not know a much about culture. Lifestyle I'd say is similar to other offices.

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#8 RE: Hours at Bain
04/06/2009 10:01

Pedro to anon (#7)

DO you like it?

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#9 RE: Hours at Bain
04/06/2009 10:13

anon to Pedro (#8)

I do like what?

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#10 RE: Hours at Bain
04/06/2009 10:43

DCF to anon (#9)

Up the Gary, I would think, if you're happy to do 70 hours a week for a 15% bonus.

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#11 RE: Hours at Bain
04/06/2009 11:28

Anon to DCF (#10)

The q whether somebody likes a 70hrs week at 15% bonus is obsolete, isn't it. People must like it, either as they enjoy the content/exposure or see the current employment as an investment in the future, which it surely is. Nobody would like it on the basis of a 1.15x base salary package.

Why is this coming up again and again?

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#12 RE: Hours at Bain
04/06/2009 13:06

anon to Anon (#11)

I enjoy I lot what I do. Compared to Bankers, I earn a lot less but I work less. However, I earn much more than every single client that I work with (exept obviously the C-Levels).

In any case, I like what I do and I am fine with it.

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#13 RE: Hours at Bain
04/06/2009 23:04

DCF to anon (#12)

Equally, why does the comparison with IB come up over and over again.

How many bankers does Bain anon know? Leaving aside those in their very early careers in certain functions at certain banks who may be working even harder, Bain anon does not actually work any less, for a LOT less money.

But why compare...

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#14 RE: Hours at Bain
04/06/2009 23:58

Lilly to DCF (#13)

Exactly, the work at Bain is undoubtedly more interesting than calculating an unleverd WACC, my DCF friend.

I am currently contemplating joining Bain - the hours do worry me. I dont understand why one would do it if you can earn the same in industry...

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#15 RE: Hours at Bain
05/06/2009 07:21

Cynic to Lilly (#14)

Let's be honest with ourselves.

A lot of people who go into MC after university consider two options: MC or banking.

They hear from their friends that banking has really bad hours. And they think of banker bonuses as unattainable fantasyland. Whereas with MC they think the work will be interesting and varied. Plus it has the word "management" in it, so you're setting yourself up for a good, high-ranking, respectable career - right? And as a "consultant" your opinions will be respected and will make a difference... you will be a leader of men!

Well how deluded they are.

If you're gonna be spending 70 hours a week doing Excel models and research, then you might as well join a company that may actually make the long hours REALLY worth it at the end of the year. And if you don't want the long hours, then industry offers pretty much the same pay for FAR fewer hours, far less stress, and next to no travel.

When I joined consultancy in the 80's, this was a respectable profession. Pay was good, travel was interesting, the work was varied, and you had some sort of career progression. I've done OK in this business, yet I now find myself working for middle-level managers who leave the office at 4.30pm every day, turn up in jeans, have no stress whatsoever, see their kids every evening and have a BBQ or whatever, and earn the same as me.

The problem is, what good is an ex-consultant? Jack of all trades, master of none....

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#16 RE: Hours at Bain
05/06/2009 08:33

anon to Cynic (#15)

Honestly, I still cannot understand why u all folks are trying to convince me that MC sucks..

I really enjoy what I do. I am fairly junior, but I know what are the hours in IB since many of my classmates at uni are there. I do work on average 12hours a day. I may agree that this is crazy, but I am really fine with that hours. I still have time to go somewhere for dinner with friends, play poker or go to the movies.

Going back to my peers at IBs, all of them work AT LEAST to midnight, sat and sun included. They earn 50% more than I do and I am happy for them. However, I could not sustain these hours. And believe me, there is a great difference between finishing at 9pm versus 1am

The big problem with MC is travelling, which may complicate things a little bit.

I really do not want to convince anyone that MC is great. Simply, I just wanted to state that outside view not always coincides with what is really going on. And, most important, wage is not everything. People may consider other factors such as brand, type of work etc etc


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#17 RE: Hours at Bain
05/06/2009 08:42

Alfie to anon (#16)

Wow wait a sec please. You leave at 9?? When i asked you, you said 2am!! And, monday through to saturday..

Please - I have a contract in my hand - are the hours really 12 a day or 16 a day?

Thank you very much


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#18 RE: Hours at Bain
05/06/2009 09:14

anon to Alfie (#17)

As I said Alfie, it depends on the projects.. If u end up is some DD or similar projects, than u may expect to have a month or two of 8am-2am mon-sat.. However, after the project is over you will be likely put on something else, where the hours will be 9am-9pm and probably less..

It really depends, on average u may expect to work 12hrs a day.. But this means that there will be short period of times where u will be working 16hrs but there mey be also days in which u leave at 7pm... For example, in my own experience, very often I leave at 6pm on Friday...

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#19 RE: Hours at Bain
05/06/2009 16:06

Cynic to anon (#18)

How can you honestly enjoy working those kinds of hours per week? Seriously - I'm asking this with an open mind. I'd love to be so passionate about my work that doing a due diligence between 8am-2am mon-sat, 2 months solid would be fun... Really, how can you truly enjoy that?? It's about as foreign a concept to me as somebody saying they enjoy being kicked in the b0llocks 10 times a day. Sure, 40 or 50 hours of it for a decent wage could be a good living if that kind of stuff floats your boat... but we're talking about due diligence and stuff here... How can you really enjoy so darn much of it?? Don't you get eyestrain or exhaustion? Or even just plain bored? How do you keep going??

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#20 RE: Hours at Bain
05/06/2009 16:27

Eeerie to Cynic (#19)

I don't get it.

Why do people want to work 70 hours a week? Genuine question. Is it to get themselves a nest egg for the future, to retire at 50 maybe after cramming 40 years worth of work into 30? Is it the challenge of getting to the top? Providing a good future for the kids?

Life is short.

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#21 RE: Hours at Bain
05/06/2009 16:42

Consultant to Eeerie (#20)


I really don't get people like yourself. You don't work 70 hours for the sake of working long hours or not being at home ("because you have no life blabla") -- you work long hours because you love it. Do you think Picasso was complaining about work-life-balance or what?

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#22 RE: Hours at Bain
05/06/2009 17:31

anon to Consultant (#21)

I get bored sometimes.. however, most of the times I enjoy what I do because it challenges me. As said b4, long hours are a consequences of this.

In any case, I know for sure that I would be depressed in most industry jobs where I could safely work 35 hours a week. I would be depressed because I would lack the challenge, pressure and adreline that I like.

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#23 RE: Hours at Bain
05/06/2009 19:30

DCF to anon (#22)

It sometimes seems that people need to find this sense of validation through their work.

It does seem a little sad that they need it laid on for them and are unable to create or find their own fulfilment outside work.

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#24 RE: Hours at Bain
10/06/2009 15:39

Bedrun Barb to Consultant (#21)

Delusional consultant bloke . After a long weeks structured bullsh*tting do you really console yourself by saying it was all worth while because you enjoyed it? Love the Picasso delusion too. Careful (I mean this) or you will end up with your only acceptable friend being your 4 fingers and thumb and a liking for drinks delivered from optics.

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#25 RE: Hours at Bain
10/06/2009 17:16

Bob to Bedrun Barb (#24)

Hmm, these last couple of posts raise an interesting question: why do people find the need to attack the anon Bainy just for wanting to work long hours?

It's his choice, and if he wants to "validate" himself then good on him. It takes nothing away from you, nor has he attacked you as being lazy or anything similar.

I might go so far as venturing the opinion that the above posters feel inadequate by the fact that they leave work at 5.30 every day, and sit at home watchin Big Brother every night leading unfulfilled lives?

Ok, so that's a bit of bear-baiting, but I'd have to side with anaon Bainy to some extent: I enjoy working really really really hard and pushing myself. I love being able to fall asleep at night cause I know I've busted my balls that day.

And I love the feeling I have when the plane drops below cloud cover above the City coming in to land at Heathrow late on a Friday after I've had an exhausting week out of town, working 12 hours every day.

Does that make you feel less adequate? If not, then what's your problem with me enjoying it?

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#26 RE: Hours at Bain
10/06/2009 17:55

Heh to Bob (#25)

No Bob, it doesn't make me feel less adequate, but it makes me feel glad that I'm not you!

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#27 RE: Hours at Bain
10/06/2009 20:53

anal-ist to Heh (#26)

I think it's horses for courses. I prefer busting my balls in the gym in the evening and sleeping knowing i've done that well rather than worked a bit longer/harder but I guess it depends where you are on the live to work or work to live spectrum of things.

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#28 RE: Hours at Bain
11/06/2009 12:15

dutchconsultant to anal-ist (#27)

Some people enjoy running after a ball (football), some people get a kick out of lifting heavy things (gym), some people get excited about a new season of big brother,etc, and some like to work hard and occasionally long (me). Working 80-90hours per week is fine for a certain period, but not all the time (not for me at least). It can even give me a certain kick after successfully accomplishing the goal. Working 40-50hours per week ? Fine, if that gets the job done (efficiency, learn to say No, plan, delegate, etc).

And once in a while I look around me and see that I could potentially earn the same (or more) money with a role in the industry. But guess what ? I would get bored. And when I get bored I will be grumpy at work and even in my personal life.

I like the roller coaster rides with different deadlines, different clients, different problems (industry people hate them, i love problems). And the money ? It's good, but will it ever be enough ? Money is, and will never be, a satisfier.

Have fun watching Big Brother, collecting stamps, reading classic novels, learning a language, beefing up at the gym or getting plastered. I'll skip those and do something I like.

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#29 RE: Hours at Bain
11/06/2009 12:55

Anon to dutchconsultant (#28)

You should come to my house on vacation sometime. I have loads of stuff you could do. Washing, ironing, taking out the trash, doing my admin, etc. You would love it!

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#30 RE: Hours at Bain
11/06/2009 13:28

dutchconsultant to Anon (#29)

Anon, almost funny. Especially for those who don't get the point. If your work is as challenging as doing washing, I for sure have to agree that working 70hours would be horrible. Even working 1 hour per day on washing is horrible in my opinion. I like what I do and stick to that. I don't enjoy washing, ironing, etc. The dry cleaner loves me for it (money is their bosses satisfier?). And don't worry, I have a busy social life, I just outsourced all my chores (cleaning the house, washing, ironing, shopping, etc). Why spend an 1-2 hours per day on mondain tasks at home while I can actually do something I enjoy (and perhaps learn something along the ride).

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#31 RE: Hours at Bain
11/06/2009 13:39

Anon to dutchconsultant (#30)

OK well there are plent of more challenging things for you to do! The work in this place is never ending. For instance, one great challenge could be for you to replace a few broken tiles I have on the roof, and to maybe fix a few of the leaks. I have no ladder and only basic tools, so this will be challenging. Additionally, I would like a steady income of an additional £500 per month. I have £5 to invest and next to no time for the venture, plus I wish to take on no risk. That would be a great challenge and I would be most interested and grateful to see what you could come up with! :-)

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#32 RE: Hours at Bain
11/06/2009 15:45

dutchconsultant to Anon (#31)

Anon, again this is way to simple. I'd personally would not spend any time fixing the tiles or the leaks. I do something I enjoy (my work) and the extra money (yes, most of my work is T&E) could be partially going to some eastern european guy to fix stuff. But then again, I don't have a house that's falling apart.

And about the 500 pound a month... Spend the 5 pound a bit of white powder, a whole weekend of working (approx 40 hours at your probably low rate of 20,- per hour) will give you approx 505,- after tax. Repeat next month.

You're either not a consultant or very crap at your job ;-) Unless you have something to add to the discussing of enjoying or hating your work (= dont mind long hours vs. working 9-5) I'd suggest you don't not respond.

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#33 RE: Hours at Bain
11/06/2009 16:11

Anon to dutchconsultant (#32)

On the house point, I expect your "house" is a sleeping bag underneath your cubicle desk. :-P

People are trying to help you here. It's great that you enjoy your work, but if you make work your life, there's a real chance you could end up in a loony bin within 10 years. Maybe sooner if you end up being an 'up or out' casualty and find your whole world snatched away from you.

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

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#34 RE: Hours at Bain
11/06/2009 22:58

dutchconsultant to Anon (#33)

Anon, thanks for playing the "I just want to help"-card but it doesn't make sense at all. Working 50hours per week is not excessive and is my regular week. Besides that I've 10 years of experience and I've been at a large part of the consultancy companies. For a fact I know how to balance my life and private life (yes, I do have a girlfriend, a social life, a second house, holidays and excellent health). That you don't like your job as much, isn't any basis for the comments towards people who like the challenge and work. Start complaining about people who drive their lease car too fast, who have climbing as a hobby or go on a binge 3 days of the week; chances are much bigger for them to end up unhealthy, unhappy or dead (although that varies per individual as well).

And if you want to make a positive impact on the world and work/labour: worry about child labour in other parts of the world, they are not happy, die at a young age and most likely you support that system...

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