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no as a no?

#1 no as a no?
11/05/2009 01:03


picture this: you're thinking of a career transition from consulting to industry and are asking a number of people for informational interviews. you're based outside the UK and coming to London for 2-3 day visits so you try to schedule your meetings during the time when you're in town.

you receive different replies from people: 1) some are happy to meet with you, 2) some don't reply at all and 3) some say they can't meet because they are out of town or too busy on the dates you'll be in town.

how would you follow up with the third group? take their "no" as a final "no" and cross them off from your list or try to suggest alternative days during one of your next visits to London (which u don't know yet when exactly will happen)?


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#2 RE: no as a no?
11/05/2009 08:11

Cynic to No.No? (#1)

How about:

1. Reschedule your diary so as to get them all on the same day?

2. Ask if they're happy to give you 30 mins for a chat on the phone at a mutually convenient time instead? And maybe to meet up at a later date? And maybe also to answer questions from time to time by e-mail?

3. Try and find some more people to 'fill up' your day when you're in London?

4. All of the above?

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#3 RE: no as a no?
11/05/2009 13:14

No.No? to Cynic (#2)

Hey Cynic, thanx for your kind answer. I'm already doing all of your above suggestsions, guess I should've been more specific in my original entry.

If somebody tells you that they can't meet with you because they're out of town, what's the probability that they really ARE out of town as they say? This may sound a bit paranoid, but some people use similar excuses just to be polite even if they could find 30 mins for a personal meet. They're just not interested meeting with you, which could be for many different reasons: they don't find your profile appealing, they don't like to act as career advisors etc. if I follow up with these folks and suggest a chat on the phone or alternative days for a personal meeting, that's just going to irritate them even more (but might put additional pressure on them coming up with new excuses though.. ;-))

Any views appreciated. Thanx.

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#4 RE: no as a no?
11/05/2009 13:38

Mars A Day to No.No? (#3)

But what exactly are you offering them in exchange for their time? If you are aiming to transition from consulting to industry my guess if you are looking at a specific industry or role within industry: first step narrow down your target list. You really do not need a dozen informational interviews in any event, and this will dilute your efforts. Identify those companies which ARE hiring, and focus on getting 3 or 4 meetings with those. Offer something in return for their time: suggest you take them out to lunch (somewhere pleasant but not expensive) or even a coffee or beer to pick their brains about the industry and the challenges within it rather than around a job offer. Offered in this way it becomes less of a burden and could be something enjoyable for them. By exchange you could also offer to give them some insights into consulting or on the industry from what consultants are seeking etc. Exchange exchange exchange. The ones that cannot see you, put them aside and possibly contact them again when you plan another trip (but give them some advance warning).

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