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#1 Dilemma
06/05/2009 09:59


Wanted to get some perspectives on the situation I face at the moment.

Joined the consulting division of a large FTSE firm a year ago with significant jump. Was doing traditional MC before.

The culture at the new firm is absolutely dire and staff utterly demotivated and insecure because of the cost and job cutting currently underway. So while I am making a lot more money, it doesn't feel I am able to add much value. In this climate, there is every chance that in the next 12 months, serious cuts could take place.

My previous firm have indicated they'll gladly have me back - but cannot match the base ( diff is about 15%) .

What would you do in the situation ? By any reasonable measure, both packages are at the middle to high end but am concerned that if I take a step back in pay, it will be a disadvantage when the economy recovers.

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#2 RE: Dilemma
06/05/2009 10:40

R. Kelly - I Think I Can Fly to InaFix (#1)

Oh InaFix, are you saying that you think your job is insecure? Well it's good that your old firm will have you back. Maybe you could stay in your new job and then go back to the old firm if you do get the chop? That way you get the big pay but retain a fallback position in case of emergency. How much do you earn at the moment (details of full package please)? I wouldn't worry about whether or not you add much value, the truth is that most people don't add much value anyway. In fact, most of them destroy value.

~"What's your flavour, tell me what's your flavour ooh". R. Kelly, 2005.

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#3 RE: Dilemma
06/05/2009 10:47

Matey to R. Kelly - I Think I Can Fly (#2)

Why did you leave your old job? Going back could mean you would face the things that enticed you to resign. However, job security may be your main concern and may trump all other concerns.

What's the pipeline of work like at your old firm? If you made the move, what's the likelihood of them giving you the chop in x months?

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#4 RE: Dilemma
06/05/2009 11:01

Inafix to Matey (#3)

Thanks for replies.

- Left previous job because package on offer was significantly better. Was prepared for some challenges but environment has proven much worse than expected.

- Agreed about pipeline of work and am working on understanding that.

- My 'flava' i would be more than 5 times the national average salary whatever I choose. I realise I am lucky to have these options in a time of recession.

- There is no immediate threat of the chop and I could probably be seen as critical resource but the climate is uncertain. Waiting and then going back only if the axe falls again may not work as I don't think oldco will keep the door open and be seen as the second best option. They can move now.

- I realise there isn't an easy answer !

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#5 RE: Dilemma
06/05/2009 11:24

anon to Inafix (#4)

could you ask for a voluntary redundancy package?

i don't think there is any shame in going back to an old job if new job does not work out, I've seen this successfully done

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#6 RE: Dilemma
06/05/2009 11:28

InaFix to anon (#5)

Even if possible, I think a VR package wouldn't amount to much ( if anything) for someone who has only been around a short time. Doesn't it depend on length of service ?

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#7 RE: Dilemma
06/05/2009 11:43

R. Kelly - I Think I Can Fly to InaFix (#6)

Hi InaFix, I like you. You're cute! I love honest conversations like this.

I also like the emotional side of all of this. Hand on heart, you know what you want to do. You know you moved for the money... but now you want the atmosphere, the fun, the people, the passion and enjoyment of your former role. My advice is to go with your gut instinct. It will not let you down. As P. Diddy might say, "Just feel the vibe, and go with the flow."

~"What's your flavour, tell me what's your flavour ooh". R. Kelly, 2005.

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#8 RE: Dilemma
06/05/2009 11:56

Jesus Jones - Right Here, Right Now to R. Kelly - I Think I Can Fly (#7)

I was alive and I waited waited

I was alive and I waited for this

Right here, right now, there is no other place I want to be

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