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Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]

#1 Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
19/04/2009 15:20

ACN applicant

"go on - be a tiger"

I know that ACN (to say the least) has a dubious reputation on this forum as the 'consulting mcdonalds' etc.

But in todays grad marketplace you just can't get too fussy, and with 500 places up for grabs I'll just have to ignore their flashy bullsh*t marketing materials and apply

Question is. Do i go for 'run of the mill' tech consulting where 90% of vacancies are?

Or do I go for the dizzying heights of SITE ''strategy'' with much slimmer chance of success?

To summarise: does anyone actually rate ACN strat enough to make it worth my while?

Lets hear it

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#2 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
19/04/2009 15:33

Gold to ACN applicant (#1)

The criticism is coming from people who havent worked there, and whats worse is that none of it is constructive - people could at least clarify (being consultants and all) what they dislike about the firm; but instead its always cheap swipes. Makes it very difficult for students like myself, to figure out whether its justified.

To the OP; do you have any relevant work experience? Would you at least enjoy the IT side of things? What are yor long term goals?

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#3 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
19/04/2009 17:55

ACN applicant to Gold (#2)

Reply to Gold

Work exp: 8 week internship and continuing role with local SME. Reluctant to specify further as HR peeps will check this forum

Long term goals: Flexible so long as i continue to develop, meet my potential, learn and earn

IT enjoyable? Of course. I just don't want to fall into a deadend trap in which it is the only string to my bow no matter how good i am at SAP/Oracle solutions

You mention you are a student as well,. Are you applying yourself?

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#4 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
19/04/2009 21:14

ACNer to ACN applicant (#1)

I won't get dragged in to the ACN / strat debate, but if you apply for Strat, you will face the same interview rounds as someone who applies for Tech, *but* you will have an additional third round.

If you get through to the third round interview but they decide you're not for Strat, you'll get an offer for Tech.

At least, that was the case 5 years ago...

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#5 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
19/04/2009 21:59

Anon to ACN applicant (#1)

The application process is the same for everyone these days. In addition, all graduates enter the Analyst Consulting Group now. There is effectively no longer a "strategy" stream at graduate level. Everyone is part of the same big pool as an Analyst, and everyone does the same kinds of projects. Those who perform best in this pool have the most opportunity to move into SITE or other "business consulting" groups at the Consultant grade.

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#6 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
19/04/2009 22:07

Puddled to Anon (#5)

Surely ACN & Strategy is an oxymoron?

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#7 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
20/04/2009 03:02

DDon to Anon (#5)

If one interviews for ACN graduate positions now, which intake is one being considered for? Last year (2008), people were told that the earliest start date available was 2010. Is it still 2010 if you're interviewing now (i.e. they can be doubly-selective for 2010 entry), or has everything gone back by one year (i.e. people interviewing now will be considered for entry in 2011).


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#8 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
20/04/2009 14:24

ACN Analyst to DDon (#7)

To be honest, with your 'holier than thou' attitude you won't stand a chance of getting a job in any part of Accenturem and don;t expect to be starting there any time soon even if you did manage to make it through the interviews.

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#9 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
20/04/2009 14:25

ACN Analyst to ACN Analyst (#8)

Above post was for the OP by the way....

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#10 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
20/04/2009 18:19

Gold to ACN applicant (#3)

FAO ACN applicant,

Indeed im also a student, though Im actually pursuing an internship for the summer of '10. Found myself one for this year within public sector consulting; so should be an eye opener to some extent - but i aspire to end up within a more corporate setting.

I dont profess to be in a significant position of knowledge, but in all the conversations with consulting HR reps ive had, they've stressed how much an advantage some relevant experience provides. And so to some extent applying for the strategic arm shouldnt be seen as a major disadvantage to you. The very fact that you cite the ability to develop, as a long term goal, pretty much shows you'd be better off for strategy, in a capacity allowing you to develop skills you can take elsewhere. Im sure you arent cutting yourself off from the rest of society by going down the IT route, but one would imagine there being a much greater pool of exit opportunities and flexibility in working with strategy.

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#11 RE: Lets hear it then [ACN & Strategy]
22/04/2009 00:11

Acn consultant to Gold (#10)

Get in and then change to wherever you like. Acn partners are very approachable and tend to be very welcoming when someone appears interested in the work they do. I joined in Tech and moved to consulting within months. Don't limit your entry to a specific area - we do all kinds of projects across all areas, it's just a matter of getting the names of people (easy through coffee chitchat or portal browsing) and approach them directly.

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