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Graduate Vacancies

#1 Graduate Vacancies
02/08/2001 00:00


I have just finished a Business Studies degree and, like millions of other graduates, would like to become a consultant. Where is the best place for me to get information on those firms that recruit consultants straight from university? Is it true that most consultancy firms headhunt graduates from from specific universities/courses and therefore my chances are virtually nil? Would it make more sense if I were to do an MBA first or does that require previous commercial work experience?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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#2 Re: Graduate Vacancies
03/08/2001 00:00

Keith E Turner

Best to log on to They have a site on Management Consultants in association with the IMC, along with a "Live Vacancies" section, so you can actually apply to companies online. You may have seen their guides at your careers service.

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#3 Re: Graduate Vacancies
07/08/2001 00:00


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#4 Re: Graduate Vacancies
07/08/2001 00:00


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#5 Man, are you from planet Zork? Consulatancy is dead for the next two years!
09/08/2001 00:00


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#6 Re: Graduate Vacancies
09/08/2001 00:00

Richard J. Shipperbottom


Please forward your CV to my email address, with covering ONE PAGE word document outlining your expectations from consultancy and what you would expect to contribute. Whilst there is much news about consultancies experiencing a downturn in business, I can assure you that for those companies that add real value rather than trade on a name, there's no such thing as a recession.


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#7 Re: Graduate Vacancies
10/08/2001 00:00


Dear Nicholas,

There may be some truth in the concept that consultancies look at particular schools for graduate, but it is very unlikely that this would reduce your chances of success. An employer should look at a candidate 'in the round' so to speak, and where you have studied is only one factor in your suitability for employment. You are more likely to succeed if you take the initiative and endeavour to find out what each firm is looking for and adapt your application accordingly.

As doing an MBA, it would be a very poor school that took you on without postgraduate experience, so I believe you would be wasting both time and money if you followed this route.

Don't be despondant, keep positive and keep trying, all good attributes.



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#8 Re: Graduate Vacancies
10/08/2001 00:00


Hi Nicholas,

There's good news and there's bad news, really! I am a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and PwC recruit graduates straight from university - it also does not matter in which discipline you hold a degree (I have a degree in media studies). I know Accenture also recruit straight from uni, and I believe that most of the large strategy consultancies do too (McKinsey, for example).

That's the good news. The bad news is that with the downturn in the market in recent months, most consultancies will not be recruiting any graduates this year - or if they are it will be significantly fewer than in previous years. You have probably already read on top consultant that several firms have asked graduates due to start in 2001/2002 to defer their entry in to the firm to 2002/2003. Therefore these deferrals will make up most of the graduate intake next year.

Nevertheless, I would not give up hope, as most firms are still looking to recruit very strong candidates, so as not to miss out on someone who would benefit the organisation - so I would still apply and see how it goes.

When I graduated, I found a very good place to start was the UK graduate careers directory (not sure if that's exactly what it's called, but it's something like that). It should be available in your careers service, and it is a big thick catalogue which contains every single graduate job for major employers, from MacDonalds to ourselves (PwC). I found it especially useful for clarifying my thinking about whether I really wanted the job I was in now, as looking into other jobs which I had perhaps never even heard about before made me think about what I really wanted out of my career.

Hope that that helps - and good luck with those interviews!!


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#9 Re: Man, are you from planet Zork? Consulatancy is dead for the next two years!
10/08/2001 00:00



I suspect that the reason for your posting was sue to you failing to gain interviews and so therefor having to look outside of consulting (Sour grapes and all that). Your obviously not that well informed as certain Practice areas maybe reducing in size but others are certainly prospering and so I suggest that you conduct a little more research before making such a statement.

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#10 Re: Consultancy and MBA
10/08/2001 00:00

Melanie Quacquarelli

Dear Nicholas

Our company has years of experience in the MBA marketplace. It is generally accepted that a minimum of two years work experience is preferred. If you are interested in finding out about business schools for future reference, please visit our World MBA Tour event in London on 4 October. You can register at:

Please pass this information to any friends who may also be interested in coming.

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#11 Re: Graduate Vacancies
12/08/2001 00:00


The time, effort and expense of pursuing an advanced degree i.e. an MBA, will not produce the optimal necessary rewards either personal development, career development or financial unless you have had seven + years solid professional / business management experience.

If you are able to make a start with a good Consultancy, they will require you to pursue an MBA after about 5 years in order to advance within the firm.

At this present time, unfortunately, most firms are just not recruiting (just the opposite) so you must carefully select a short term alternative which will support any future application to a consultancy.

Sorry not to be able to provide better news.


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#12 Re: Graduate Vacancies
13/08/2001 00:00

Matt Grieves

All of the big consultancies have their own recruitment programmes; many of which present to Universities during the term. Your University guidance councillor should have dates etc.

Alternatively, contact the HR depts of the consultancies directly.

Generally, to work on an MBA requires appropriate work experience. Many people say that a general business consultant will not get much additional value from an MBA so you could choose to learn 'on the job'. Although each school has different criteria for entry it is probably in your best interest to get some experience first.

I would suggest you read up on MBA's at

There are no wrong, just better decisions!!

Best of luck.

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#13 Re: Man, are you from planet Zork? Consulatancy is dead for the next two years!
18/09/2001 00:00


I reckon that Mr Anonymous trying to tell you that your an arsehole? He's probably right.

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