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Work Hard, Play Hard?

#1 Work Hard, Play Hard?
04/04/2009 16:18


Below you will find some text i have copied and pasted:


Reputable firms spare no expense for the hardworking employees who drive their revenue growth. Consulting is all about working hard and playing hard, and consultants play very hard.

That said, your project’s entertainment budget will depend on how much work your partners sell, the price of the work and the negotiating skills of your partners. Generally, you can tell how big the fun budget will be by the type of client. Government clients aren’t big spenders. Expect the project dinners to be middle-of-the-road, infrequent and no fun. Work in financial

services or pharmaceuticals, however, and the budgets are much better, sometimes lavish. But don’t worry too much about the project budgets. If your project doesn’t have a lot of fun money, your firm often chips in for your enjoyment.

Consulting firms are, by and large, very friendly places where people form long-lasting relationships. Partying with your peers and colleagues is all part of the experience, and consultants (partners included) party a lot. Join a

consulting firm and you will reap the social perks. Just remember to take a breather from time to time, because too many nights with just four hours of sleep will take their toll.


Im interested to hear opinions from consultants as to how true this actually is, and whether such privileges are widespread. Till i heard of the time and travel complaints, i was under the impression consulting was one of the most glamorous jobs going; almost like working in Sales or Trading in an IB with the work life balance added on top. But the more i think about it, the more it seems there simply isnt the time available in the day for a consultant to have proverbial fun!


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#2 RE: Work Hard, Play Hard?
04/04/2009 19:25

Bilder to Gold (#1)

Some people, particularly in the media, have a vested interest in propagating this 80s myth.

During a year, you may have one or two wild nights out (typically at Christmas and an offsite training event); five civilised team dinners at expensive restaurants (client events, office openings, anniversary celebrations); 10 project team dinners at high-street chain restaurants followed by pub drinks; 15 take-away dinners delivered to the office and eaten in a conference room with the team; a variable number of dinners eaten on your own in your hotel room or at your desk, courtesy of room service or Tesco Metro.

If you're working on client site, you will find you go out more simply because a) you have no kitchen facilities and the hotel menu quickly gets boring b) there isn't anything else to do apart from work. Your per diem or expenses will not cover anything particularly extravagant.

If you're a partner with business development responsibilities, you may have a larger number of civilised dinners at expensive restaurants.

If you join Accenture or similar as a graduate and have an induction week, you will probably go binge-drinking every night with the other new joiners. This is because you a) are all still basically students b) don't have any work to do yet c) are all petrified of not fitting in. This week will be atypical of the rest of your time at the firm. However, you will refer back to it every time you recruit hence, in a desperate attempt to make your firm sound fun and relevant to the yoof.

Last point: is humor, not reality.

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#3 RE: Work Hard, Play Hard?
06/04/2009 06:44

boring old man to Gold (#1)

I'm an associate consultant (i.e. freelance) - I could drink hard and stay out till 4am when working away. When the next day is on client site or travelling home, I'd rather have a decent nights sleep so that I build a good reputation with the client and don't have to catch up on sleep at the weekend. Career progression from being drinking mates is not something I'm interested in.

boring old man

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#4 RE: Work Hard, Play Hard?
06/04/2009 08:30

Cynic to boring old man (#3)

The above posts are fair and representative of the truth.

Basically, if you consider it glamorous to be eating at a £35-a-head restaurant with a bunch of old farts who have combovers and hair growing out of their ears and noses (the oh-so-worshiped "Partners" with a capital "P"), listening to them waffle on incoherently about how powerful and great they are, then you'll feel like James Bond at a Formula 1 cocktail party onboard a yacht in Monaco every night. Personally, I'd rather be at home watching repeats of the X-Factor or "Location, location, location" with my family.

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#5 RE: Work Hard, Play Hard?
08/04/2009 17:41

Davos to Cynic (#4)

so are we suggesting there is no glamour at all in consulting?


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#6 RE: Work Hard, Play Hard?
09/04/2009 17:22

Truth to Davos (#5)

More like: Work hard, come home knackered.

Have no time to do anything except cook and eat and go to bed when you get in. S3x life suffers. Turn into a bit of a boring bastard. Live for the weekend.

Have fun!

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