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Help urgently required: ERP

#1 Help urgently required: ERP
23/03/2009 22:29

Ramanathan K

Hi all, this is my first time on this forum and I hope you can help me. I have just arrived in UK on career development program for large consultancy. During telephone interview UK manager asked me if I know ERP. I told him yes and think no more of it. Anyway I arrive first day in UK and I am told I must be ERP expert at client site tomorrow.

I am very urgently seeking information on what is ERP as client will have high expectations of me tomorrow.

Kindly supply this information.

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#2 RE: Help urgently required: ERP
23/03/2009 22:40

Ramanathan K to Ramanathan K (#1)

This is very urgent, any responses please.

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#3 RE: Help urgently required: ERP
23/03/2009 23:08

- to Ramanathan K (#2)


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#4 RE: Help urgently required: ERP
23/03/2009 23:51

SamMan to - (#3)


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#5 RE: Help urgently required: ERP
24/03/2009 04:36

anon to SamMan (#4)

google will help you a little bit...check out Oracle, SAP, MS Great Plains will give you an idea regarding the various modules of ERP....but I dont think a day's research will make you sound like an ERP expert....God bless your client...another way is to be honest to your manager and tell him that you have very basic knowledge about ERP, so that someone else can support you during your client meeting...otherwise you will end up making fun of yourself....

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#6 RE: Help urgently required: ERP
24/03/2009 06:44

Village Idiot to Ramanathan K (#1)

Wow, I am surprised that your UK manager was asking about ERP knowledge, but with more and more firms expanding their remit to cover EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), I guess it makes sense that they would be looking for ERP expertise. Client projects are definitely becoming more diverse in my experience.

I worked on an ERP project once. It was fascinating and a real change from the other things I had been working on. I disagree with the previous poster -- with a little research, you should be able to sound knowledgeable enough.

ERP stands for Elephant Relocation Programme. These are common across much of Africa, and are being managed from the UK more and more frequently.

Our firm recently did a big project in Kenya.

Once in danger of being wiped out by poachers, elephants have overrun a Kenyan coastal preserve. They've raided nearby farms and even attacked villagers, forcing wildlife authorities there to move about 400 of them to a bigger game park farther inland in Africa's largest-ever elephant relocation.

A family of five elephants was the first to be relocated Friday from the coastal Shimba Hills National Reserve to the much larger Tsavo East park about 150 kilometers farther inland. About 400 more pachyderms will be sent packing by Kenyan wildlife rangers.

Kenyan wildlife officials say it's the world's largest-ever elephant relocation.

About 600 elephants had overrun the tiny Shimba Hills National Reserve, just south of the Indian Ocean port city Mombasa. Some of the elephants had taken to raiding farms, gobbling crops of mango and cassava and bananas, and threatening anyone who stands in their way.

The reserve is supposed to accommodate about 200 elephants, but the elephant population has soared in recent years, causing massive deforestation. The Tsavo East region, where the elephants are being moved, lost most of its elephant population to poachers during the 1970s and 80s.

Edward Indakwa is the spokesman for the Kenyan Wildlife Service, which officially launched the $3 million operation Friday. "We have a lot of conflict problems with communities," he noted. "People have been injured, crops have been destroyed. And apart from that, the ecosystem itself is really choking from that population of elephants. We are talking about an extra 400 elephants. That's too big for the ecosystem."

Ranchers and farmers near the Tsavo East National Park are concerned that Kenya's wildlife service is just transplanting the elephant problem. They want assurances that their ranches and farms are protected from elephant intrusions.

"All of them have been radio-collared so we will be able to monitor them using GPS [Global Positioning System], and move our rangers in to drive them away before they can break into private farmland," explained Mr. Indakwa. "We have dug five water holes in the area near the release site. Mostly, [these] problems lead to the pack to go outside in search of water. With water assured there, that problem will be minimized."

In addition to the water holes, Kenya's wildlife service erected a 41-kilometer electric fence to discourage the elephants from wandering near community farms.

Kenyan game rangers plan to move more families of elephants on Sunday.

GOOD LUCK on your new role. I'm sure you'll do fine.

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#7 RE: Help urgently required: ERP
24/03/2009 11:00

Blunt to Ramanathan K (#1)

You expecting us to help you after the stunt you pulled to lie to land a UK job?

I'll throw this back at you, using your words, I do HOPE you fail and the UK manager finds out that you have fraudently provided incorrect information, risking your employer credability and worse still, providing substandard solution to the client.

So THINK NO MORE OF IT, just pack your bags and head home.

I have KINDLY supplied you with honest information.

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#8 RE: Help urgently required: ERP
24/03/2009 11:41

anon to Blunt (#7)

seems like people have not learned lesson from Satyam...I think your manager should also share the blame....the only reason he wanted you to work for the client is due to your lower bill honest advice to you is to pack your bag and go back, as you will going to be badly exposed in minutes...and if I were the client I would have made sure that you and your company pays for this unprofessional and dishonest attitude...

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