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Aston Carter

#1 Aston Carter
18/03/2009 14:34


Does anybody know anything about this recruitment company? I spoke to one of their consultants who seemed quite good but I've always been a bit hesitant about speaking to recruiters.

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#2 RE: Aston Carter
18/03/2009 14:41

Anon to anon (#1)

I dealt with them a year ago or so, they were ok but extremely pushy and don't like it (i.e. won't stop contacting you, trying to change your mind) when you tell them your not interested in a particular role.

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#3 RE: Aston Carter
18/03/2009 17:23

Anon to Anon (#2)

I wouldn't waste your time with them - they're all talk and no trousers. I've been working in their space for years and have never had one decent lead from them. Almost like your archetypal slimey estate agent but without any houses to sell!

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#4 RE: Aston Carter
19/03/2009 00:11

Daily draw to anon (#1)

One of the better recruitment agencies in my experience; you're only going to find out by talking to them further and building the relationship though.

On this forum, you'll find that there are too many poor quality, bitter, recruiters and candidates to get a realistic impression of any agency.

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#5 RE: Aston Carter
19/03/2009 13:52

ABC to Daily draw (#4)

I'd have to agree with Draw regarding the bitter and twisted recruiters and candidates. Coincidentally though, for what it's worth, i've had some dealings with them over the years and tend to pass them over now as being a bit of a waste of time.

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#6 RE: Aston Carter
20/03/2009 21:21

anon to ABC (#5)

I used them last year. they found me two very good opportunities and gave me lots of useful info about the position, the organisations and the selection methods. I was offered both positions and they managed both organisations in a way that gave me the space and time I needed to decide which offer to take. I would highly recommend them.

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#7 RE: Aston Carter
22/03/2009 15:54

anon to anon (#6)

Yes Mr Carter of course you would recommend them!

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#8 RE: Aston Carter
24/03/2009 10:41

anon to anon (#7)

Thanks for the help guys. The person I spoke to seemed quite helpful so I'll see how it goes, I know there are a lot of pushy ones out there and don't want to wast my time with one that's not very good.

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#9 RE: Aston Carter
26/03/2009 14:52

anon1 to anon (#1)

they are quite good - i think a lot of the time it depends on the actual recruitment consultant you are dealing with, rather than the firm itself. i was on contact with one guy who wasnt that good - he then left, and another guy took over his work and looked at some opportunities for me, and i thought he was very good.

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#10 RE: Aston Carter
27/03/2009 17:17

Anon to anon1 (#9)

I've had numerous phone calls over the years - (BTW i'm M3 Level Accenture mainly FS work) and they always talk a great game and have never actually managed to match me with anything. And before you ask, no i'm not bitter, twisted or totally incompetent and generally move quite easily when i feel the need. Maybe i've just been with the wrong consultant but we're talking 4 or 5 approaches and the obligatary trip over for intro and it's been a waste of time on every occasion - my advice is that if they've got nothing hard and fast over the phone then tell them you'll wait until they have before making the effort to see them.

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#11 RE: Aston Carter
31/03/2009 09:56

Anon to Anon (#2)

I would be wary. The recuiter I dealt with was extremely pushy and aggressive and rude when I said I wasn't interested in a role.

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#12 RE: Aston Carter
31/03/2009 10:16

Mars A Day to Anon (#11)

Disclaimer: I do not work for Aston Carter.

Although generally there is some truth in the assertion that it is the recruiter not the company which is good, bad or indifferent, I don't think think this is entirely true. Some rec firms have a culture which is heavily targetted, micro-managed etc, others don't - you can can tell by the way the agents/HHs deal with you. If the recruiter is pressurising you, they are passing on pressures at their end and I would suggest you won't have your best interests represented fairly - even if the recruiter is a decent human being and would do so otherwise in a different environment.

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