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Proudfoot Redundancies

#1 Proudfoot Redundancies
18/03/2009 07:26

Anna Naz

Does anybody have any news about redundancies at Proudfoot Consulting? I saw they were recruiting a couple of weeks ago at the jobs fair but have since heard they are making redundancies.

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#2 RE: Proudfoot Redundancies
18/03/2009 10:02

anon to Anna Naz (#1)

"they are making redundancies"

Well at least they have a proven methodology for how to identify the individuals!!

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#3 RE: Proudfoot Redundancies
18/03/2009 12:10

Buster Bloodvessel to anon (#2)

Seems that those on UK contracts are getting the push but not those on French contracts. Many recent hires have had UK contracts imposed on them and they they get sent back to work in their country of origin such as France or Germany!

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#4 RE: Proudfoot Redundancies
18/03/2009 12:47

Mars A Day to Buster Bloodvessel (#3)

A cheap trick the banks have been pulling for years - the protections on employment are far more stringent in France and Germany, so making them take UK contracts enables Proudfoot to cut them loose far more easily.

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#5 RE: Proudfoot Redundancies
18/03/2009 13:25

Parri to Mars A Day (#4)

I guess they will fire the cheap consultants rather than the expensive VP's and directors....after all the best way to save money is to get rid of cheap fodder thaqn expensive old school in Proudfoot's philosophy!

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#6 RE: Proudfoot Redundancies
18/03/2009 14:38

Anon to Parri (#5)

Out of interest what are peoples perspective on the quality of Proudfoot consulting and the type of work they do?

I hadn't really heard of them until fairly recently and have noticed that on Wikipedia's Management Consultant page they have tried hard to throw their lot in with MBB as the leading founders of Management Consulting.

So I just wondered what the forum thought...?

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#7 RE: Proudfoot Redundancies
07/04/2009 17:27

metalnik to Anna Naz (#1)

This firm is famous for the POP list ( person off payroll) and been implementating and practicing it for decades. Still had the best projects in my career

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#8 RE: Proudfoot Redundancies
10/04/2009 01:20

NMN to metalnik (#7)

The Asian offices have been shut down. Not sure how long the Pacific office will last (few were told to go already in the Pacific region), with skeleton left for the projects presently going. The VPs of Pacific have changed or gone. Even the regional VPs and Ps have changed and some have been replaced by those previously from MBBB and Corporate Value Associates (CVA).

Out of interest, can anyone share any light on CVA?

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#9 RE: Proudfoot in General
10/04/2009 07:29

Little Loo to metalnik (#7)

look, Proudfoot is one of the worst companies to work for in terms of how it treats its people. Their pay is crap, 35-45 for consultant, 45-55 for senior consultant, 55+ for PM, 85 for PD, and more for VPS etc. You will work long hours, travel on Sundays not infrequently, has a blame culture, receive little training, all your colleagues will leave within 3 years, get holidays cancelled at no notice (and you only get 20 days anyway), have no women colleagues, find your ideas trashed as a strict procedure must be followed, get no bonuses even when you have 'qualified'.....yes there are interesting projects in interesting clients from time to time, but you'll be working with uneducated supervisors in shitty factories (a good use of your MBA) rather than top management, and the "excitement" of making people redundant which is 50% of projects soon falls away when you realise they have unions and 6 months redundancy when Proudfoot gives you 4 weeks! the company should have a health warning.

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#10 RE: Proudfoot in General
11/04/2009 18:42

HA to Little Loo (#9)

Little Loo, you hit the nail in the head on Proudfoot.

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#11 RE: Proudfoot in General
08/03/2010 18:05

Ben to Little Loo (#9)

Oh yeah Little Loo! Sure your master will qualify to seat on Management Boards. You're just ridiculous, arrogant and superficial while talking about "shitty factories and uneducated supervisors". And that makes me think that you haven't learned too much from your studies as well you have no experience at all about what real management and business world is. Oh yes, you're stucked on "Wall Street" movie isn't it? :(

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