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Help find job in UK

#1 Help find job in UK
17/03/2009 18:38

Xiang Li

Hi I write yesterday but my message is deleted

Sorry for is bad english I from China

Please help me find job in UK in "consulting" I from Beijing my wife find job in Reading I want follow her

I have good degree in mechanic engineering and experience in managing persons but I want job in "consulting" because my friend in UK say it's better

please help thank you

Xiang Li

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#2 RE: Help find job in UK
17/03/2009 20:02

anon to Xiang Li (#1)

Right now, I have to disagree with your friend. If you can find a job in engineering, this will provide you with greater stability and security. The Reading area and "M4 corridor" have a high concentration of hi-tech companies and employers in the hi-tech sector may be interested in your skills.

I do not think you will enjoy a career in consulting if you combine a geographical move with a career shift, add in language difficulties and a consulting lifestyle (you will be away from home for extended periods and will not be able to see your wife). Realistically, I do not think you will be able to find a job in consulting anyway. I do not know your educational and organisational background, and how many visa points you are eligible for. However, from what you have mentioned and the way you write, I think you will find it difficult to differentiate yourself from huge numbers of other candidates and to persuade a consultancy that they should invest in sponsoring a work permit.

You could look at moving into consulting within China first. The economy is reputed to be stronger there than in the UK and there are more consultancies who can take direct advantage of your skills and experience in mechanical engineering. Your people management experience also sounds like it will help you stand out in China as experienced managers (and those experienced enough to advise them) are relatively rare.

In the medium-to-long term, as the economy stabilises, you may have an opportunity to transfer from China to the UK as an experienced consultant. However, the trend is for consulting opportunities to be going in the opposite direction; your wife may be the one coming to you :-)

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#3 RE: Help find job in UK
17/03/2009 20:28

Xiang Li to anon (#2)

Thank you

What is "hi-tech"?

Xiang Li

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#4 RE: Help find job in UK
17/03/2009 21:13

anon to Xiang Li (#3)

"Hi-tech", or "high tech", is short for "high technology". Hi-tech companies include those involved in communications technology, software development, research and development, medical and precision instruments.

The phrase "high technology" is flexible as new technologies are developed and old ones become widespread. For further information, see

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#5 RE: Help find job in UK
18/03/2009 08:37

anon to deleted (#0)

@ Job, the poor guy has already spoken about his english skills, and who are you to judge the skills of a person based on the language, if you don't have anything useful to say my advice is don't say anything...or if you are sharing your experience of job search then this is not the forum...

Xiang Li, at this stage, it would be much better for you to find a job in engineering, develop your communication skills as well as UK work experience and then think about consulting...

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#6 RE: Help find job in UK
18/03/2009 10:02

anon to anon (#5)

doh, this is a wind up

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