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Transition to client from Accenture

#1 Transition to client from Accenture
02/03/2009 23:34

Underpaid and undervalued

Top of the ladder and no promotion. Reality is that client values me much more than the SEs / SMs in my service line.

Therefore I think best to transition to client. They pretty much have a recruitment freeze on at the moment but would take me on as an independent contractor which is fine for me as contracting out at 50% of my day rate will get me a 80% pay rise!

Guessing that Accenture has some standard terms to prevent their staff going native. Does anybody know what they are? Also, would they apply to an individual independently contracting rather than directly employed.

Any insight would be much appreciated!

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#2 RE: Transition to client from Accenture
02/03/2009 23:58

Acc3nture to Underpaid and undervalued (#1)

This all depends. I would think hard about such a decision. Many clients will not want to risk a relationship disruption with Accenture by deciding to hire you after leaving the firm. Thing about it - if you work on a large team from Accenture, there will undoubtedly be issues - be it jealous or anger - from those who used to work with, over, under you.

Don't trade quick monetary wins brought on by apathy towards Accenture. Independent contracting is a whole different ball game. Running your own busness brings additional considerations. With Accenture you will at least have the coverage of a chargeable project, pension, network.

My advice: Sit out the recession with a chargeable client. Look to increase your skills as you can. Don't make any quick decisions you will regret

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#3 RE: Transition to client from Accenture
03/03/2009 00:04

anon to Underpaid and undervalued (#1)

I was in similar situation few months before and then opted for VR. After applying for VR had a discussion with client who was very keen to take me on as a contractor on much lower rate (50% less) then he was currently paying to ACN for me. When I asked the similar question about ACN terms and conditions about client hiring me, client response was that they are not employing me rather contracting me so ACN terms and conditions wouldn't come into the picture.

Moreover, in case of VR ACN itself was lifting the conditions of working for their clients as an permanent employee.

Anyhow, it was unfortunate that my VR got rejected and hence, I couldn't proceed with client any further.


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#4 RE: Transition to client from Accenture
03/03/2009 10:24

BoroConsultant to anon (#3)

Not sure of the specifics with regards to Accenture, but the general rule is that you have to have to be seen to approach them, rather than them approaching you

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#5 RE: Transition to client from Accenture
03/03/2009 16:21

The special one to BoroConsultant (#4)

Surely it is the other way around? If the client makes the approach to someone who is going to leave regardless, wouldn't Accenture agree in order to preserve the relationship?

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#6 RE: Transition to client from Accenture
03/03/2009 17:02

anon to The special one (#5)

Generally two types of restrictions apply:

1) When the client signs a contract to work with Accenture, they sign up to a clause preventing them from poaching or soliciting staff

2) When an individual signs their employment contract (or equivalent), they sign up to a clause preventing them from working for competitors or immediate clients (i.e. clients that the individual or their group did consulting work for) for a set period

Both restrictions are phrased to as to apply to both direct employment and contracting.

In a case of redundancy, Accenture is likely to take a much more relaxed attitude. Also, individual restrictions are less likely to be enforced for junior staff as long as they're not taking intellectual property with them.

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#7 RE: Transition to client from Accenture
03/03/2009 17:08

Mars A Day to anon (#6)

These restrictions are usually applicable in a contract of services (i.e. employment) not contract for services (which would cover working for the client as an independent contractor).

But I would still consider the risk of moving from a relatively safe position as a top performer in ACN to a contract role in this environment; better to wait it out and see if you get VR first.

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