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E&Y Consulting News!

#1 E&Y Consulting News!
19/02/2009 22:49



I noticed that there has not been much news on E&Y Consulting for the last few days...!

For those in the know: have they started any layoffs or frozen hiring in BAS yet, specially interested in Supply Chain & Operations practice? Cheers

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#2 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
21/02/2009 07:11

a to Armen (#1)

what role are you interviewing with them?

I also need to know how to prepare for E&Y case study interviews.

They are hiring because I have my interviews scheduled.

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#3 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
23/02/2009 11:03

Big Blue to a (#2)

The big news is that the IBM head of F&PM has just stage exited left in a rather rapid manner.

I hope that some of the other IBM lot follow his example.

Are our partners completely unable to sell anything other that public sector work? So much for the wonderful brouhaha that BAS F&PM was due to bring when it started up 4 or 5 years ago

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#4 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
04/03/2009 09:50

anon to Big Blue (#3)

"The big news is that the IBM head of F&PM has just stage exited left in a rather rapid manner. "

Is this true?

I know a lot of the IBM finance transformation senior staff left to join EY BAS to head up the F&PM practice there, but I've also heard the rumour that most of them left or are leaving, as the practice is not living up to early hopes.

Having worked for a few of them in IBM in recent times, I can't say that I feel sorry for them.

I doubt IBM will be clambering to get him or any of his lackeys back on board.

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#5 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
04/03/2009 10:37

EYer to anon (#4)

I don't know where people come up with this stuff.

The ex-IBM head of F&PM hasn't "exited stage left". He has taken on a new role within the firm.

Nor has there been significant attrition. The few leavers that we have had over the past 6 months have all been either SCs or Managers.

And to Big Blue, complaining about the public sector work: maybe you haven't noticed, but there's a credit crisis right now. Commercial businesses are managing their consulting spend very closely. The fact that EY has replaced this revenue stream with a very healthy public sector pipeline during a recession shows sound business sense.

You do understand how the firm makes money and pays your salary, right?

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#6 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
04/03/2009 15:32

Embarrassed to work at BAS to EYer (#5)

Very healthy public sector pipeline? Is that the same as saying that our main public sector client called the lead EY partners into a meeting on Monday to tell them that:

a) they were refusing to sign the contracts for a number of ongoing projects after discovering that an EY Senior Manager repeatedly made up interview quotes and falsified data whilst charging several days work

b) EY will not be considered for any new work until a full investigation has been concluded (not a quick or cheap process).

Sure, hard times call for a few administrative corners to be cut, but operating without contracts in place is a sign of panicked desperation on EY's part, not a healthy pipeline and client relationship. I don't think I need to tell you what happens to the finances when it turns out you're not going to be paid for the last few months' work and you've got a huge hole in the forward pipeline.

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#7 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
04/03/2009 15:34

BZ to Embarrassed to work at BAS (#6)

It sounds like EY needs some more creative accounting.

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#8 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
04/03/2009 17:44

RED to Armen (#1)

Please could someone tell me how E&Y Consulting is divided? ie. Acturial, Technology, etc. Also how many people are there in each service area?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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#9 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
04/03/2009 18:26

Village Idiot to deleted (#0)

No one knows how to use Google anymore?

Our services include:

Finance and Performance Management

Improving the performance of the finance organisation and of the business as a whole. We ensure strategic alignment of the finance organisation, implement service and cost-improvement initiatives and embed a performance management process and culture that unites the business around its core objectives.

Supply Chain and Operations

Providing an integrated service that covers supply chain and operations, tax, mergers & acquisitions, working capital and financial management. We work with global organisations and PE houses to analyse, design and implement supply chain-based solutions to creatively solve complex business challenges.


Providing an independent view of our clients' businesses and their performance. We identify opportunities to help unlock customer value. Through strategic changes we improve the customer experience enhancing performance and increasing operational efficiency.

Operational Advisory Services

Providing clients with an edge on transactions through operational insights and realising deal value. Our integrated, multi-disciplinary team approach provides pre-deal and post-deal advice to support our clients gain operational clarity, business stability and sustainable business improvement within the transactional environment.

People and Organisational Change

Working with clients to devise an integrated approach to managing change challenges and developing change capability. we raise capabilities to help clients more effectively manage constant change.

Technology Enablement

Working with business and technology leaders in both commercial and public sector organisations to provide independent technology and business advice. We help our clients enable change, create value and ensure that technology becomes a strategic asset for their organisation.

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#10 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
04/03/2009 20:23

Interesting to Village Idiot (#9)

The question about how many people are in each service area (and whether that number is increasing or decreasing) is a good one. I get the impresion that IT and Supply Chain are the big ones, the others are little more than a entry on the website.

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#11 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
05/03/2009 11:56

Another EYer to Interesting (#10)

I have to say that I don't recognise EYer's description of BAS.

The ex-IBM head of F&PM was pushed aside when his sales numbers just didn’t add up.

These IBM guys were brought in on massively inflated salaries, and have failed to live up to expectations.

Even pre-credit crunch the private sector pipeline has almost dried up (FS was also poorly placed even pre-Lehmans, and is discretely “managing staff out”) , and now the government pipeline is also choking off for wider BAS.

There are numerous examples of the sort of debacle described above, which is why EY BAS is really struggling. It really has been a disappointing journey all round.

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#12 RE: E&Y Consulting News!
21/03/2009 10:08

EYer to Another EYer (#11)

More gone this week

Oh dear, oh dear

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