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Mouchel management Consulting

#1 Mouchel management Consulting
22/01/2009 07:42


I have an upcoming job interview with Mouchel Management consulting. I dont have much experience in Public sector and most of my experience is in telecom therefore I am looking for any advise or tips

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#2 RE: Mouchel management Consulting
23/02/2009 12:26

Ann-Louise to nick (#1)

Hi Nick, I also have an up coming assessment centre with Mouchel - I am currently working in the public sector, but I imagine the work you have done will be relavant in some way.

I'm wondering if you have had the Assessment Centre? How did it go?

Thank you. Ann-Louise

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#3 RE: Mouchel management Consulting
23/02/2009 13:09

BoroConsultant to Ann-Louise (#2)

Assuming they have seen a copy of your CV then they obviously think that the skills you have gained in Telcos are transferable to their public sector engagements.

I wouldnt worry about it, just make sure you can expand on what you've put on your CV in relation to the projects you've worked on and give thought to what transferable skills you have gained.

Good luck

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#4 RE: Mouchel management Consulting
24/02/2009 14:21

Pertwee to nick (#1)

If you're generally going from Telco to Mouchel, you could be in for a culture shock, and must be pretty desparate.

Mouchel are bottom feeders in the PS consulting world, and as such have mirrored their clients in terms of dynamicism and demographic. Imagine what it would be like to work at the worst, most poorly performing local authority in the country. Then imagine working there without the fringe benefits of a public sector pension and flexitime. That's Mouchel.

Think carpet tiles (brown), polyester slacks, rubber soled shoes, windows 98, vending machines, ear hair, everyone's over 50 or look like they're already dead, pot plants, chairs with the stuffing pulled out of the arms, no leadership or inspiration, clock-watching, use of clip-art in presentations. At Mouchel your office and environment will be indistinguishable from your clients. Think weekly commuting to Rotheram, Sandwell, Hull (but only if you're really lucky, Tower Hamlets, Bradford. Think Travelodge, no car allowance, no first class travel, rubbish pension, only project management wrapped up as 'change'.

What were the tests at the assessment centre like? Were you asked to blind taste vending machine coffee and select the cheapest? Did they ask you if you prefer grey shoes over black? Did they point out that to fit in you must wear a brown belt with a dark suit? Did they score your halitosis highly enough to become a member of the team? Did they ask you why you don't have a beard?

Please reveal all........

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#5 RE: Mouchel management Consulting
24/02/2009 18:26

nick to deleted (#0)

Hi Ann, I did have a first interview little while back and it went pretty good. I am still waiting for the second round. Basically I have applied for the public sector roles in UAE, did you also apply for the UAE roles or for UK. I must say they move really slow how about your experience in this regard?

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#6 RE: Mouchel management Consulting
26/02/2009 14:05

Sharon to Pertwee (#4)

Hi there

I have worked with Hornagold Hills over a number of years and I have to say that now they have merged with Mouchel that may bring about some change on the 'brown' described here.

H&H were on the whole young, bright effective consultants who give the job they do their all. They may work in the public sector, but have very high standards. I can't imagine any colleagues changing that behaviour post the merger and H&H will account for quite a large number in the consulting arm

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