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Seeking serious advice

#1 Seeking serious advice
08/01/2009 14:08


I had a phone interview few weeks back, even though I had the right skill set for the job but it did not go well as per my expectations due little bit of confusion at the beginning of the interview. Although it ended on a good note and I was able to show the synergy between my skill set and the role and my recruiter told me that my interviewer was impressed and not to worry but later on I was informed that they have decided not go into the next stage with my application as I have slightly less experience for the role. Currently I have another offer from different company but I really prefer the earlier role, can anyone advise me whether I should ask the guy who interviewed earlier to give me a second chance so that I can explain the short comings.

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#2 RE: Seeking serious advice
08/01/2009 14:27

Mars A Day to alfa (#1)

Assuming the recruiter was being genuine in the reasons you did not get progressed then there is no point - if the short comings in your experience were surmountable you would be through to the next round.

I suspect you simply did not do well in the telephone call, on presentation, motivation or somesuch, rather than falling slighly below the bar on experience.

Take the other role and move on - plenty more fish in the sea as they say, even in a downturn.

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#3 RE: Seeking serious advice
10/01/2009 11:38

trance energy to Mars A Day (#2)

yeah, i'd have to agree, its very difficult to persuade wither your recruiter or the client to change their mind and give you another shot.

Given that you already have another offer, take it and dont worry about the fish that got away.

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#4 RE: Seeking serious advice
10/01/2009 14:50

ABC to alfa (#1)

You live and learn. Take the offer you have, and put the past behind you as experience. Jobs are rarely exactly what you expect. Your initial first choice may have turned out not to be all that great. Your second choice may turn out to be much better than you'd imagined.

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#5 RE: Seeking serious advice
11/01/2009 14:10

Happy Chappy to ABC (#4)

bird in the hand in the current market, my friend. You will never know and it does not matter. Just don't become a pain the the $ss to the company which rejected you. Down the line you may wish to re-apply. It was only a telephone interview. There are millions of reasons why they may have turned you down.

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#6 RE: Seeking serious advice
12/01/2009 12:20

alfa to Happy Chappy (#5)

I really appreciate everyone’s response, the main reason I wanted to pursue the first role was purely due to the reason that it is with one of the Big 4, the current offer is not from that bigger and established MC firm but better than my current employer. I really wanted to make a move into a bigger name but it seems like that I have to hang on for another year or so and try my luck again.

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