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Independent career coaches/ counsellors

#1 Independent career coaches/ counsellors
01/01/2009 15:22


Hi all,

Like most of you on this forum, I work for a large consulting firm where the bar is set higher and higher every year and little attention paid to how each individual is expected to achieve the goals. With the current recession looming low on all firms, the next year particularly the next quarter is predicted to be fraught with layoffs.

I am seeking adhoc impartial advice regarding my career goals, best ways to achieve them and experienced advice on how to navigate the political maze of big city firms.

I am sick of opening myself up to internal 'independent' counsellors knowing that all they really care about is that tick in the 'people developer' box and serving the interests of the of the firm.

Is there such a service available where senior management level (C-suite/Executive/Senior Manager) individuals provide discrete face-to-face/over-the-phone advice to keen yet inexperienced city professionals?

If so, I am keen to connect and would appreciate a response.


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#2 RE: Independent career coaches/ counsellors
01/01/2009 15:28

azface to azface (#1)

And for the record...

I DO NOT work for Accenture :)

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#3 RE: Independent career coaches/ counsellors
02/01/2009 12:18

Fruit1 to azface (#1)

Sounds like a great idea, how much would you be willing to pay these c-suite people?

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#4 RE: Independent career coaches/ counsellors
02/01/2009 13:38

azface to Fruit1 (#3)

Good question. I know it sounds unrealistic but I was hoping the C-suite would take this on in good faith as a mentor and offer advice on a subsidized rate. I'm thinking £50-70 pounds an hour. Whilst the money doesn't justify the time from the mentor. But it would provide a unique opportunity to learn first hand the perspective of junior city professionals in all aspects of their work life. Surely there will be some value in getting that insight and applying solutions in their own professional situations.

I hve personally taken on mentoring schemes for children to coach them through school and help them choose Universities and at times careers. I didn't charge anyone a penny for the advice. It's just part of giving back and developing people around you.

I am keen to know if there any individuals out there who would be willing to give something back to the City that helped them succeed by providing impartial advice where it would really make a difference.

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#5 RE: Independent career coaches/ counsellors
03/01/2009 11:36

Mrs Gorilla to azface (#4)

Hello, have you thought about identifying business figures that you admire/respect and just asking them? Some business figures have personal websites through which they advertise public speaking and/or coaching sessions and negotiate fees from there (not all operate through agents). Some people will give help and assistance for free in the spirit of giving something back, as you have done. I guess some of the more media facing business people get inundated, however there are plenty of competent, experienced people around that may be a little more low profile. The worst they can do is say no.

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#6 RE: Independent career coaches/ counsellors
03/01/2009 11:53

anon to azface (#1)

Try looking on LinkedIn - a lot of independent coaches are registered on there.

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#7 RE: Independent career coaches/ counsellors
07/01/2009 14:58

Anastasia to azface (#1)


I am an accredited and certified coach, I have 7 years experience of being management consultant (working for one of the big 4) in Europe and UK...

To be fair £70 is an absolute minimum you could pay for a life coach (not career or executive coach) but the fact that you are ok with telephone coaching may present a good trade off.

If you are interested you can drop me a line. I would be interested in working with you because I have a very personal admiration for mngmt consulting people :-)


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#8 RE: Independent career coaches/ counsellors
18/01/2009 12:46

azface to Anastasia (#7)

Thanks for the response. Apologies for the delay but work has been busy since getting back from xmas break. I will email you to set up an intro call. Are you in based in the UK?

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