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Customer Service Consulting

#1 Customer Service Consulting
29/12/2008 00:14


Hi, does anyone know what consultancy firms offer consulting services in customer service improvement? Thanks

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#2 RE: Customer Service Consulting
29/12/2008 03:35

Taxman to Andrea (#1)

You mean the half wits in bombay that try sell me 'most flexible credit card'. Sorry Britain dont do that stuff anymore, try DAKSH or TATA. The UK used to be prised on being 'British' but now were just another country without the weather, so its back to serious careers im afraid, that take a little brain power.

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#3 RE: Customer Service Consulting
29/12/2008 16:47

Customer focus to Andrea (#1)

Despite the 'other' response whom it would appear did not understand the question - there are several such companies, but Tata/TCS are not one of them.

Many are small so it will take time finding them, it could also depend on where you live etc. You can start with a Google search, call centre mags will also provide info. You can try Blue Sky, the Call Centre Focus mag has a list in the back.

Although if you are already working in this space then I would have thought you would have seen these?

Hope this helps

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#4 RE: Customer Service Consulting
29/12/2008 23:52

Taxman to Customer focus (#3)

My apologies, I usually work with these companies setting out the 'process' by which they read off their screens. You are obviously referrring to the management of said centres, there is/will be something here especially with 'debt management' methinks :) which HAS to be done here ...

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#5 RE: Customer Service Consulting
30/12/2008 16:49

Customer Service to Taxman (#4)

Hi Taxman,

I used to work in the setting up of/closing down etc etc within CS/Call/Contact Centres. BUT more recently main Change/Improvement/Transformation so used to working with people like you either on improvement, new software, new service etc.

There are quite a lot of small consultancies operating in the arena that the inital question was aimed - there is also a job ad from EY on this site for such people - but being honest I do question how much of this work is actually being undertaken.

I totally agree with your views on the level of service in this country. If you happen to know of any company seeking somebody with my skills - now classed as a Business Consultant - please let me know!!

Happy New Year, and let us hope that a service culture does appear in the UK anytime soon!

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#6 RE: Customer Service Consulting
09/01/2009 13:42

Andrea to Customer Service (#5)

Thanks for your replies. I'm really looking for consultancies that focus on or even offer customer care consulting and training. I guess there aren't any out there? For example, the training offered by O2 to their staff is now being given to the NHS - by O2 staff or by a consultancy? This sort of thing.. tks

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#7 RE: Customer Service Consulting
09/01/2009 16:38

Customer Focus to Andrea (#6)

I gave you starting points in my reply! However it would now appear that you are talking about training providers.

Speaking as an experienced consultant I think you need to consider the very different way of working and if that would actually suit you. You do need to be very solutions focused, able to solve complex problems and situations without any help etc - that is what the client is paying for.

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#8 RE: Customer Service Consulting
10/01/2009 16:19

Andrea to Customer Focus (#7)

I've been an management consultant for 14 years. I dont think I mentioned anything about why I asked the query? The egos on this site amaze me.

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#9 RE: Customer Service Consulting
12/01/2009 16:41

Customer Focus to Andrea (#8)

What an interesting comment from somebody who required help from others.

From the level of your questions you appeared to be somebody attempting to start a life of consultancy!!!!!!!!!

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