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MBA(Finance) Vs MFE

#1 MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
01/12/2008 15:55



IS Masters in Financial engineering is relatively better than MBA (Finance).Let me know what MBA(Finance) cannot do and a MFE can do in terms of career prospects.To be simple,Which doors cannot be enetered by MBA(Finance) that MFE can enter. i know Quants is one such.Is there anything more?

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#2 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
01/12/2008 16:05

ZB to Govardhan (#1)

I think this is a valid question. In terms of generic consultancy and MBA is probably better all around: areas like performance improvement, process coordination, change management, business transformation, data architecture, IT strategy (what ever that means) are all areas where nebulous, arcane and ultimately non-value areas which would be opened for you. Now, an MFE type qualif is more specific, so areas of particular interest are important. Given that world ecomony are chartering tracherous waters, specialsim, tangible skills and quite honest people who know what they are talking about are bound to be more value-adding to clients than the rampant and incessant rise of generic ACN process mapping, UAT charlatans that seem to have, like virulent strains of bacterica, infected the corporate world.

I was wondering ,given that the US Gov. is looking to de-toxify the global financial system by buying up bad debt, I wonder if GB can do like wise for the consulting profession and mop-up all the ACN charlatans that seem to have infused the consulting profession


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#3 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
01/12/2008 16:44

zbhater to deleted (#0)


Reading your incoherent ramblings once is punishment enough. In a plea to your humanity, I implore you not inflict this trite, generic, entirely predictable and inevitably insane gushing of self-indulgent sentiment on us in repeat posts.

Ever yours,


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#4 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
01/12/2008 17:30

fred to zbhater (#3)

I think that most of the ZBs out there come from a similar background. I guess something like humanities or languages-rowing degree.

Financial engineering is quite good for the asset and risk management area. It does not focus on consulting, it is quite useful if you want to enter into ib. If you do an MSc in a a good university on financial engineering, i.e. Imperial College it is of good value.

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#5 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
01/12/2008 17:38

ZB to fred (#4)

Oh put in a sock it in you tart! And while you are at it go on draw me a turgid, non-sensical, unintelligible and thouroughly uninteresting process map in visio...go easy on the font size mind.


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#6 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
01/12/2008 17:42

zbhater to ZB (#5)

How about I just draw you a turd; something akin to the steamy horse manure you throw around on here like confetti

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#7 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
01/12/2008 17:58

ZB to zbhater (#6)

Fine - if you must, please do it in powerpoint

But do refrain from the unnecessary "animations" and think carefully about the colour you you - you would not want the syntax to ruin the message.

BTW - all my cogitations are great and whilst based around one central proposition (IT charlatans are not consultants), the above post is new material.


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#8 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
01/12/2008 18:17

zbhater to ZB (#7)

I've got a better idea. Why dont i just apportion some of my new found ACN redundancy payout to a ZB sexual frustration alleviation fund. I'm sure we could get enough donations for a latex doll, maybe even a sheep or two. Then you can focus your build up of angst-ridden, social failure-driven, anger and discontentment on something other than the hapless readers of this innocent forum. You never know maybe we could even scrape together a few hours of therapy?? Please advise on preferences.

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#9 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
01/12/2008 22:47

ZB to zbhater (#8)

New low for you zbhater.

Sounds like you were a charlatan but got the push. In other words an inefficient charlatan. Why the sack? Could it be that you add no value?

Hold onto your redundancy dosh. Might be a while before IBM pick you up

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#10 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
10/02/2009 01:05

BhajiBoy to ZB (#9)

"IBM has established Project Match to help you locate potential job opportunities in growth markets where your skills are in demand," IBM says in an internal memo first obtained by InformationWeek. "Should you accept a position in one of these countries, IBM offers financial assistance to offset moving costs, provides immigration support, such as visa assistance, and other support to help ease the transition of an international move."

He is Indian?

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#11 RE: MBA(Finance) Vs MFE
10/02/2009 01:50

Ibiza club to BhajiBoy (#10)

to the op:

In the short term, i would take the masters in finance. In bear markets, specialised skills are preferred as opposed to more generic skills which an mba will provide. However, once the economy does pick up, the mba will allow more flexibility to do other things. Are you sure finance is the way you want to take your long term career? if so, then take the masters in finance and focus on that. If you think that you like finance but want to be open to other career opps in the future, the mba will give that flexibility in opening different doors in the future. The MBA is long term, the masters in finance is short-med term.

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