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Bush Happy to goto war

#1 Bush Happy to goto war
23/11/2008 13:44

First dog Barney Bush

Just received news that Bush gave an interview saying that he is happy that he went to war in iraq, despite iraq not being directly linked to terrorism, nor having weapons of mass destruction.

Hehe, dont ya just love this guy???

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#2 RE: Bush Happy to goto war
23/11/2008 22:19

Its on like donkey kong to First dog Barney Bush (#1)

I'm guessing that things wont change that much under OB (despite the astute advice that he gets from ZB).

OB will be like Clinton - doing the stuff that Bush did only a little more low key and with a smile on his face.

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#3 RE: Bush Happy to goto war
23/11/2008 22:40

ZB to Its on like donkey kong (#2)

What a load of tosh. OB will in fact govern from the centre (center for all of those that can't spell) and will base his foreign policy on strategic and operational imperatives rather than tactical opportunism like GWB. The biggest strategic challenge is faces is the economic collapse of western economies and the subsequent impact into society. The GWB era was characterised by political incoherence, tactical naviety and stategic shortsightedness...sounds like ACN must have been sniffing around the Whitehouse over the past eight years


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#4 RE: Bush Happy to goto war
25/11/2008 03:56

Certainly not french to ZB (#3)

Actually ZB, i disagree with you here. Policies set by the Bush admin cannot simply be overturned with a new president. If obama is going to make some changes, especially on foreign policy, he will likely have to do it slowly and subtly.

He cant take a dramatically different stance than Bush, although his goal might be different. He will have to slowly get there.

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#5 RE: Bush Happy to goto war
26/11/2008 13:03

Blunt to First dog Barney Bush (#1)

Politicians never look at facts. They assume (ass-u-me) that going into any country for whatever reason is always the right thing to do. Iraq was because they had WMD and had the capability, but found out that they had neither. Well then, on that philosophy, lets go to war with Texas, say, because they have the capability to go to war (Fact: Incidentally, that would sort out two things: Bush, Texas and any other fanatic from that region to become a president :)

Now, seriousness out of the way, Obama has challenges ahead, firstly to stabilise the financial economic mess left behind by the incompetencies (didn't they ever learn? Enron? were was the transparency/regulation?) of previous leaders, address the emerging wake of distruction (homelessness, unemployment etc) and then build on his vision to take the country forward.

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#6 RE: Bush Happy to goto war
26/11/2008 13:28

Hunter Thompson to Blunt (#5)

well Bush at least did something and if CNN ever reported its facts in an unbiased view we'd all know and apprciate this. But then CNN wouldn't have got Osama (sic) elected if they had been unbiased....before you think I'm off the wall, just remember that the media lost the Vietnam war for us and are doing their best do stab our troops in the back in Iraq. Thanks god they didn't do this in WW2.

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#7 RE: Bush Happy to goto war
26/11/2008 14:28

Sgt. Barnes to Hunter Thompson (#6)

Funny that Hunter, because I thought the Vietnam war was lost because of inept leadership, inept cowboy troops and totally underestimating the opposition due to usual American misplaced arrogance. Or is that Iraq?

I must take all these films too seriously!

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#8 RE: Bush Happy to goto war
26/11/2008 14:42

diamonds are a crim's best friend to First dog Barney Bush (#1)

GW Bush is the best president ever...not only for the american ppl, but also for the world. He has done many good things including ousting madmen ( iraq and afganistan), and ensuring financial transparency ( enron, credit crisis), and improving social services ( e.g. hurricane katrina federal response).

He also has the smartest dog in the world, barney bush.

Bush is a masterful orator, can really inspire, unite, and lead a nation toward greater good ( e.g. lead ppl to believe they can apply for home loans way in excess of what they could ever afford).

The world will be a worse off place once his tenure will expire in the white house. He will rightly have his portrait alongside the likes of Kennedy, roosevelt, and lincoln as the great statesmen of their times.

Show some respect. he's the damn president of the US ( and entire world) after all.

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