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Brand vs Experience

#1 Brand vs Experience
19/11/2008 18:12


How important is a good company brand compared to a good job experience when you can only have 1 and not both.

For example, lets say you had two choices:

- work at a well known company, but doing really entry level work (mbbb, big4, etc where you are basically doing powerpoint/excel/admin work)

- work at an unknown smaller company, but doing higher level work (having a strong input and role into the company's strategic planning)

I ask this because I currently have a few offers. I have an offer to work at a well known consultancy where the job experience isn't that great and i have an offer to work at a small unknown company where i get more say and can really help in the company's strategic planning (not just a cog in a big wheel).

So ultimately what should I choose? Should I take the job with the better brand or the job with the better experience? What looks better on your CV doing not so great work at a great well known company or doing really great work at a relatively unknown company.

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#2 RE: Brand vs Experience
19/11/2008 18:47

Tired of reading same post after same post to confused (#1)


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#3 RE: Brand vs Experience
19/11/2008 19:08

Me to Tired of reading same post after same post (#2)

My view-

Take the job with the brand, spend two years doing the "boring" stuff and then move onto the interesting stuff after.

A lot of the "boring stuff" you talk about involves acquiring skills that people will value and you will need later on. Sounds like you are a recent grad. Despite what you may have been sold, you are unlikely to be having a strong input into the companys strategic planning. Don't run before you can walk.

The other issue, particularly in the current climate, is risk - what happens to you when your small unknown company goes bankrupt in 6 months time??

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#4 RE: Brand vs Experience
19/11/2008 20:38

td to confused (#1)

striong inputs, gain valuable expereince, not some script kidie shits so when u do crack into a decent position with a nice comp you'll have da experience to make it

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#5 RE: Brand vs Experience
19/11/2008 22:07

... to td (#4)

I work for a small strat company. I've been given a lot of responsibility and autonomy and have gained a lot of experience in a short period of time. I will be able to rise through the ranks a lot quicker but the pay isn't quite as good right now so everything is a trade off.

Personally, although I like my job and appreciate the experience I'm gaining, I'd probably put the hard time in at the top firm early on.

P.s. I have active input into strategy development, presenting, project managing etc., but ppt and excel are the tools of our trade - you're not getting away from them for a long time

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#6 RE: Brand vs Experience
21/11/2008 10:20

I like pamela to confused (#1)

If you are a recent graduate, then go for the brand. If you have decent experience, then go for the smaller company. They will likely treat you better and give you better job duties.

If you are looking to get laid, then also go for the brand.

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