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Mercer Oliver Wyman

#1 Mercer Oliver Wyman
19/11/2008 13:58



I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight on Mercer. I have had 2 years experience as an analyst in private equity and 1 year before that in strategy at bigger consulting firm.

I am now keen to move back into the consulting arena before doing my MBA. My experience lies predominantly in corporate strategy, m&a, market entry etc

I heard MOW had the best department that covered this area a few years ago, is this still true?

What are the hours like?

Salary? I know i will take quite a haircut here but i'm convinced its more interesting work.

thank you for your help



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#2 RE: Mercer Oliver Wyman
19/11/2008 14:11

Mars A Day to Paolo (#1)

Hours will be fairly fierce as you would anticipate; their remuneration model is heavily weighed towards bonus rather than base, even as high as 60%+ bonus, so you could actually find that haircut won't be as short as you think.

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#3 RE: Mercer Oliver Wyman
20/11/2008 11:01

pb to Mars A Day (#2)

thank you for your reply

but to clarify, what do you mean as fierce? 8-8?


of course it will vary - however after several years of finishing too late im keen to eat at home on weeknights!

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#4 RE: Mercer Oliver Wyman
20/11/2008 11:39

Mars A Day to pb (#3)

If you want 8 - 8 in strat consulting change career track and join them as a secretary.

Expect hours rivalling investment banks.

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#5 RE: Mercer Oliver Wyman
26/11/2008 23:24

Anon to Mars A Day (#4)

Not so Mars, I work for an MBB firm and usually do between 55 and 60 hours a week. V.rare to do more than 65.

So much rubbish is spouted on this forum.

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#6 RE: Mercer Oliver Wyman
27/11/2008 09:30

Mars A Day to Anon (#5)

Paolo you decide for yourself - the corporate whitewash or what people tell you on this forum.

For every one like Anon who claims to work reasonable hours I have interviewed another who left after 1 too many very long weeks.

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#7 RE: Mercer Oliver Wyman
27/11/2008 10:18

anon to Mars A Day (#6)

I confirm that it is very rare in MBB to work more than 60-65 hours per week. It may happen, but it is something very rare and occasional!! No rivalling at all with IBers!!

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#8 RE: Mercer Oliver Wyman
27/11/2008 11:18

splitting hairs to anon (#7)

You guys need to stop and look at what you're writing. So the various anons are happy to claim that Mars is being totally OTT and in fact are proud to say "don't be ridiculous, we only work 65 hours per week!".

Whoopee f*cking do! By my reckoning on a normal Monday to Friday routine that's still 13 hours per day, or 8am to 9pm or however you want to do it. And you guys enjoy this??

Is it really worth the "intellectual challenge" or whatever kick you claim to get, when you could work in industry for a far more reputable company in big oil, pharma etc etc and work hours that might actually allow you to have a life?

I know it is bringing us back to an age old argument but squabbles like these about who is the biggest biatch don't half make me laugh...

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#9 RE: Mercer Oliver Wyman
27/11/2008 11:54

anon to splitting hairs (#8)

Splitting hairs, I think as a long term career option you're right but if you could do these long but not crazy hours for a few years to gie yourself some good career options elsewhere then it's probably worth it. I agree though, if you're working over 55+ hours a week it ain't worth it, especially longer term.

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#10 RE: Mercer Oliver Wyman
18/01/2009 17:01

straight answer to Paolo (#1)

I work for the firm. typically you work around 55 hrs p/w although this varies considerably - from working 9-5 while on the beach to 90-110 hrs p/w if working with private equity/IB.

as mentioned, bonus will make up around 60% of your take home - but expect this percentage to fall considerably in the current climate.

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