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Accenture vs McDonalds

#1 Accenture vs McDonalds
18/11/2008 21:24


Have an offer to work in Accenture Management Consulting practice or at McDonalds.

What should I choose?

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#2 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
18/11/2008 21:43

eld to poppy (#1)

You might try to find another place to work...

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#3 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
18/11/2008 21:52

TVBOY to poppy (#1)

You're a looser with bad sense of humor.

Accenture is the right place for you.

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#4 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
18/11/2008 22:09

big mac to TVBOY (#3)

You can expect a similar culture in both firms as 200-300 ex-Accenture employees find their value in the market place.

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#5 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
18/11/2008 22:55

agree to big mac (#4)

I agree with eld, both are pretty bad job placements.

Instead of asking "do you want fries with that burger", you will be asking "do you want the system developed with that project".

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#6 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
18/11/2008 23:12

ex-acn to deleted (#0)

Having worked at both accenture and mcdonalds I would suggest you choose mcdonalds.

At accenture, the pay is relatively bad for the amount of hours you actually work, you doing really tedious junk IT work and most of your co-workers are backstabbing know it all jerks.

I enjoyed my time with mcdonalds alot more then at accenture. Your co-workers are alot better, you get payed for the hours you actually work and I enjoy providing valuable services to customers as opposed to that IT junk that accenture provides.

Hope this helps.

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#7 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
18/11/2008 23:38

rob to poppy (#1)

Both are actually quite similar if you think about it.


- both are degrading and dehumanizing places to work for

- both offer comoditized cheap and low quality services and products

- both deploy very strict and rigourous methodoligies... they have a process for even the smallest actvities

- both hire tons of junior level ppl and work them to death doing work that even a trained monkey can do

Its no wonder why accenture is known as the "mcdonalds of the consulting industry".

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#8 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
19/11/2008 04:39

csk to rob (#7)

I work at acn and must say that I think even people hired straight from mcdonalds can do the job I do.

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#9 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
19/11/2008 13:51

Blunt to csk (#8)

The obvious answer would be Accn but looking at both companies, what they offer, working environment, quality of products produced, type of people that buy products from them, it is a very, very tough question.

Question you should be asking is what value would Accn or MacD's programme/offer benefit you? Also, which of the two company would you feel you would have the most enjoyment?

Rob has taken a bite at the pros and cons and the relationship of both companies. Ultimately, it is up to you make the decision. Good luck!

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#10 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
20/11/2008 15:27

Anon to Blunt (#9)

In response to the ACN vs Mc Donald Question:

It seems as if your understanding of the consulting industry is vague, to suggest ACN is known as the McDonalds of the consulting industry is as true as saying pigs can fly...its quite easy for those people who may have been rejected by ACN or simply did not find there area of interest to write pointless comments re ACN. From my honest opinion, having been with the firm for over a year, its the best place to be, without sound too corporate, the opp's, experiences and links ACN has to fortune 500 is no comparison to smaller niche boutiques, consulting is not just about strategy but a whole load of other stuff which ACN provides. Given the current climate having many rather than one type of service line really makes you wonder where you would like to be. Ive managed to work on a couple of exciting international assignments so life at ACN is not as those peeps not within the firm portray it to be, all the best in your decision never the less!

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#11 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
20/11/2008 17:40

anon to Anon (#10)

At least MacDonald's made themselves over with their healthy foods offering; I'm not sure Accenture have reinvented much beyond their PR.

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#12 RE: Accenture vs McDonalds
21/11/2008 11:48

Blunt to Anon (#10)

RE: Anon who is employed with Accn for "over a year".

I don't care what you think about Accn, even shockingly, trying to convince others to join Accn based on your experience so far. You have assumed that commenters on here either have not worked with Accn or were rejected, or all the negative aspects you may consider.

What you have experience may sound good to you, in fact, ask a management trainee in McD what does he/she like about McD and you will be surprised it is similar, if not identical, to your experiences at Accn.

Don't be haste to cast your ills on the commenters who have given sound advice, be that positive or negative against Accn or McD. We may have worked for them or with them, either way, we are merely given our wisdom (which is greater than a over a year worth) on a tough but valid question.

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