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consulting in dubai

#1 consulting in dubai
01/11/2008 18:56


Hi. I would be interested in the community's perspective re Dubai: considering the credit crunch fallout sperading globally, do you think it would still offer good opportunities for relocation?

Any visibility on the consulting market there?


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#2 RE: consulting in dubai
02/11/2008 07:43

quiet to oz (#1)

You’re 2 months too late. Market has stopped dead in Dubai leaving many consultancies overstaffed. Still work around the region but mostly for governments, the Gulf has been affected pretty badly by the fallout.

There still seems to be some adverts for positions in Dubai on this site, would be very careful as if you take an offer and they then rescind it you have absolutely no legal comeback.

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#3 RE: consulting in dubai
02/11/2008 11:09

jonny blowgun to oz (#1)

Dubai , along with the rest of the gulf, is impacted yes, but not nearly as bad as other european and anglo-sphere countries.

There is still work to be had there. The pace of growth will naturally slow down, but the region is not trimming its workforce! at least not yet.

I do agree with the above writer in that there is little legal recourse in terms of employment and /or relocation/visa, etc...have to be careful with this. Although dubai is light years ahead of its arab counterparts in terms of fairness and legalities, a candidate should remember that he/she is NOT a UAE citizen and always subject to arab laws ( which is one big reason they pay expats so much).

Before moving to dubai, I would seek counsel with an immigration attorney, just in case the worse happens, you dont want to be left there hanging with no job. You need to know what options you have.

Regarding consulting opportunities, a lot of companies operate out of there, also ask international recruitment companies- they will put you in contact with the right ppl.

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#4 RE: consulting in dubai
04/11/2008 07:15

pass the factor 15 to jonny blowgun (#3)

Projects being canned all over the shop. Still, there are worse places to be on the bench. A lovely 33C today.

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#5 RE: consulting in dubai
04/11/2008 08:40

Holiday to pass the factor 15 (#4)

Tell us more about what it is like in Dubai

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#6 RE: consulting in dubai
04/11/2008 18:21

anon to Holiday (#5)

Hi there

I used to work in Dubai and am also applying to consultancies out there and after a lot of initial interest from recruitment agents advertising Dubai-based jobs - it has all gone very quiet in the last month despite adverts still asking for consultants who are UK educated.

I think Dubai may be hit more by the financial crisis than Abu Dhabi who has a vast continent-sized cushion of cash to support itself. I hear from friends out there that Abu Dhabi is still a good market and so are areas requiring particular specialisms such as oil and gas, construction, financial services and telco.

DIfficult position really, I've got the option to stay with family which I will do and suss out the job market locally but I would suggest setting up meetings with local recruitment agents or HR and make a trip out there - also use agents like Clarendon Parker and Charterhouse. Leverage anyone you have to get out there and meet in person as it will give you an edge over competition and show your motivation to work out there.

Would be interested to hear thoughts on the job market, post-credit crunch, from any hiring managers or recruitment agents....

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#7 RE: consulting in dubai
06/11/2008 12:02

anon to anon (#6)

Forget consulting for the moment, go for the lifestyle, tax free, beaches and generous leave - join an organisation in Abu Dhabi (commute from Dubai possible) or look at one of the big construction firms who can do consultancy style roles or perhaps private equity or a soverign wealth fund. I know in some of these locally based firms its not uncommon to get 40 days leave per annum...If you want to go to Dubai just go, don't necessarily go for a consulting job, that can come later once there

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#8 RE: consulting in dubai
09/11/2008 12:20

spexii to anon (#7)

From my previous experience living in the Middle East, I would say don't "just go". Where I was you need a sponsor to get a residence permit, and would be very surprised if Dubai was any different. While you can probably pay one of the locals to sponsor you while job hunting, it would be much less risky to find a job first, and the company will sponsor you. If you don't have a sponsor, you face deportation.

However the lifestyle is a good one, except in July/Aug when it's unbearably hot. I would steer you away from Saudi Arabia however unless you are prepared to put up with some very strict laws!

Do any consultancies have offices in Qatar? The Qataris seem to have plenty of money at the moment eg bailing out UK banks and the 2012 Olympic village...

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#9 RE: consulting in dubai
21/11/2008 12:10

Ex-expat to spexii (#8)

Oh, how happy I am not to be living in that sh*thole construction site any more. Matter of personal opinion, of course, but unless I had a very good professional reason to move back to Dubai, I'd avoid it like the plague.

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