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Further qualifications and the BCS

#1 Further qualifications and the BCS
29/09/2008 11:12

New Grad

I have been performing a BA role for about 3-4 months now, this is my first job out of university and its been a very slow start. I am thinking of further qualifications to give me a more rounded exposure to the industry and I was thinking of joining the BCS and undertaking their professional examinations. As I already hold a degree would this be benefit with regards to my next job, gaining knowledge/experience and eventually contracting or would a masters in something along the lines of information systems be better? The only problem with masters is the actual cost.

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#2 RE: Further qualifications and the BCS
29/09/2008 12:17

Mars A Day to New Grad (#1)

Much as I commend you for thinking ahead, I think you are jumping the gun - with only 3 - 4 months of experience you need to get a couple of years under your belt, then start looking at further quals.

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#3 RE: Further qualifications and the BCS
29/09/2008 14:14

Zefer to Mars A Day (#2)


Just wondering as a recruiter, where do you sit on the MBA question. If you ask an American or anyone non-UK, they tend to wax lyrical about it. But I get the feeling that in the UK it does not hold the same recognition. I mean you don't really need it to get into consulting apart from MBBB (and even then you can get in without one). So what's your take..min/max age, reasons for doing etc...

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#4 RE: Further qualifications and the BCS
29/09/2008 14:49

spolit? to Zefer (#3)

12 - 16 weeks in and you are complaining of "a very slow start".

jeez - what did you expect? promotion to CEO in week 5?

you've entered the worl of work slap bang at the beginning of the biggest downturn for 70+ years.

you have the mother of all reality checks approaching you, sunshine.

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#5 RE: Further qualifications and the BCS
29/09/2008 15:05

New Grad to spolit? (#4)

Sorry there spolit (we can talk about your spelling in another fred).

I do not mean to come over as being ungrateful I just don't like to not have work to do, what would one normally expect in this time period?

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#6 RE: Further qualifications and the BCS
29/09/2008 15:27

Mars A Day to Zefer (#3)

Zefer the difference between US or European attitudes to MBAs and the UK is largely down to this notion we maintain and enshrine in this country that the gifted amateur can learn new skills, whereas the Americans tend to expect you to have qualifications suited directly to the role you are performing. MBAs have effectively filled the void for them as the consultancy qualification and has become almost as essential as the ACA or suchlike for accountants.

MBAs do hold recognition in the UK, it's just that we tend to look past it and at the individual rather than just the MBA; its a nice to have but not essential. It does seem to give people more confidence though, and - perhaps most valuable of all - a common vocab and tools kit which is common to all firms, and the alumni networks. With the global economy starting to look choppy it pays to think international opportunity rather than localised, so an MBA is an advantage in that respect right now. Can someone guarantee a ROI on an MBA in this climate? Unlikely, unless you are prepared to take the long view. But if you can afford it, taking some time out now to do an MBA is potentially a winning idea - the downtime will coincide nicely with a choppier market.

New Grad, there is a timelag in any firm - at present, with no experience, straight out of uni, you are - sorry to be blunt - borderline useless in an MC firm. Development will come when your seniors have stopped fighting fires and looking to sell projects and actually have the time to notice you sat on the bench. In the meantime, get out and about in your firm and network - let people know you want to get involved, find ways to be useful/add value even if its fairly menial. Eat what you kill time has arrived.

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