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Mind the gap!

#1 Mind the gap!
16/09/2008 13:40


Hi All,

I did a degree in computing and got a 2:2. I then found an out of town consultancy (finance/automotive sector) who took me on as a consultant. I have been there over 3 years and done really well, I have constantly succeeded and as a result been promoted into project management.

I am finding I want a new challenge now and have decided on going to one of the big consultancies to try things on a larger scale. Looking at taking a starting role as a business analyst and work my way up again.

Problem is I seem to have fallen into a gap. Despite my great experience over the past few years Accenture and others won’t take me down the grad route as I only have a 2:2. When I try the experienced hire route I find that no one is employing in that areas because it is covered by graduates. I don’t have enough experience to get into the experienced hirers jobs as they are a couple of levels off the graduate jobs and I should fit somewhere in between.

Has anyone else succeeded in consultancy with a 2:2 start? How did you get into the big consultancy companies? Anyone else had this gap problem?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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#2 RE: Mind the gap!
19/09/2008 09:47

J to J (#1)

No one here has a 2:2? I could use some advice, finding it difficult to get past the gatekeepers at the large London consultancies. Two declines from Accenture yesterday.


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#3 RE: Mind the gap!
19/09/2008 10:05

anon to J (#2)

1. after 3 years no one takes you on as a grad

2. you have skirted around specidying what it is you did for 3 years.

so given 1, no point trying to apply to grad consulting vacancies

given 2 its hard to give you some advice on what you should aim for. so why did accenture reject you, did they say they already have grads doing that work (not likely). the thing about accenture is that what you have done outside tends to be divided by 2, so in principle you look like a you have 1.5 years experience, which is effectively still 6 months short of teh FULL grad period (i.e. analyst). so the question is what are you asking for pay wise, what level did you apply for (generally not many experienced hire analysts, unless its a transfer in from an outsourcing deal).

I am not trying to be rude or harsh, but if you want people here to help you will need to give more detail

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#4 RE: Mind the gap!
19/09/2008 10:42

J to anon (#3)


Thanks for the comments.

For the past 3 years I have worked on under £10m projects in the finance and asset finance sectors. Have many big clients on my CV, including two of the largest financial organisations in the market.

On these projects I started working as a business analyst, mostly involved in design. From that I have moved into management where I am leading design/development while also being involved in the planning, risk, quality and client management aspects of my projects. I am also Prince2 accredited, both levels.

Im in my early 20s and earn between 30-40k including bonuses.

I am just looking for that next step but I can't seem to even get in the door at any of the consultancies in London. Going to this Top Consultant career fair in October in the hopes of geting some leads.

Any idea who might be interested in me? I just need a company who would be more focused on my recent record rather than my 2:2. My CV reads quite well, I don't mention my degree grade but most ask seperately on application.



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#5 RE: Mind the gap!
19/09/2008 10:45

j to anon (#3)

Forgot to mention: Acccenture didnt give me a reason. I just got a standard rejection letter, says not enough experiance.


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#6 RE: Mind the gap!
19/09/2008 11:04

anon to j (#5)

I'd write to their chairman asking why their HR department is setting up interviews with people who don't have enough experience and then rejecting them on these grounds, when they should be able to see this straight away by looking at the candidate's CV.

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