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#1 Internships!!!
12/09/2008 23:47


Hi everybody! I'm currently looking for consultancy companies offering internships, preferably starting in october 2008 or at the very latest January 2009.

I can't seem to find any large, medium or small size companies which offer internships, apart from companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, etc which offer summer interships. I've looked on so many websites but can't find any!!

Any ideas as to where I could find an internship please??? Preferably in or around london. Cheers

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#2 RE: Internships!!!
14/09/2008 00:52

ed to Alex (#1)

Have you had a look on WikiJob? their <a href="">internships</a> page?

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#3 RE: Internships!!!
14/09/2008 10:29

Alex to ed (#2)

yeah I have...but as far as i know wikijob don't deal with internship vacancies

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#4 RE: Internships!!!
14/09/2008 12:09

Dan E to Alex (#3)

Try speaking with firms directly - just call them up and ask.

You will have much more luck with smaller companies - they are by default much more flexible than larger firms.

Do you want to be paid for the internship? If not, then you will probably have more success. Worth considering if you are desperate for the experience.

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#5 RE: Internships!!!
14/09/2008 14:27

Alex to Dan E (#4)

I've already called a lot of small consultancy firms listed on the mca website but I don't seem to be getting anywhere really.

Yeah it would have to be a paid internship, but I haven't come across any paid or unpaid internships. I've done a fair amount of research and there just seems be no possibilities of getting an internship...

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#6 RE: Internships!!!
14/09/2008 16:31

wake up and smell the coffee to Alex (#5)

1. Work out why a firm should take you on (BTW - saying I've done an MBA isnt enough).

2. Do your homework on the firm you want to get interviewed by (know the founders, senior execs, strategy, key clients, recent wins, service offerings, USPs).

3. See if there is a link between 1 & 2 (preferably where 1 will actually enhance 2). Develop your 'dragons den' pitch.

4. Put together a compelling commercial proposition (e.g. I think I can help you increase your win rates. If I can help you increase your win rate by 20% on your next 5 bids you pay me my salary. Or, I will work for free for 3 weeks and then you can decide if its worth paying me).

5. Practice your pitch on someone you trust to give you blunt feedback. Ask him/her the question 'if you had just met me and heard what I've just said - would you hire me?'

6. Dont be shy about nepotism - exploit your network of friends, family, ex MBAs etc. You need to be a bit pushy (without becoming a prat)

7. Be flexible - they might not have an internship role but maybe hiring into their research team / recruitment / back office / cleaning staff. Find out and interview for this as though this was the perfect job for you.

8. Never use 'yeah' written of verbally.

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#7 RE: Internships!!!
14/09/2008 16:38

wake up and smell the coffee (part 2) to wake up and smell the coffee (#6)

Another thing . . . let me guess what you have actually done.

1. Picked up the MCA list of firms and started at A

2. Phoned each consulting firm in turn (with no real thought about who they are, what they do, the value you might bring to them or even who you want to speak to).

3. Asked the 1st person who answered the phone if they do an internship.

4. When the person (not surisingly) said no, you put the phone down , cried into your latte and moaned about how unfair life is.

Ignore my previous advice - carry on doing the above and eventually realise that a life as a consultant is not for you.

Best of luck.

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#8 RE: Internships!!!
14/09/2008 17:16

Nepotist to Alex (#1)

Previous posts a tad harsh, but possibly accurate.

The truth of the matter is that relatively few (good) consultancies offer undergraduate internships - there are various reasons for this, among them the tendancy towards experience in consulting (clients are irritated enough at having their projects staffed by fresh graduates, let alone students).

In the past three places I've worked, we haven't formally had interns, but have made special exceptions if a client asks if their children can do work experience with us. So work out if you're related to anyone at FTSE100 companies and try getting them to make the request of any consultancies the work with.

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#9 RE: Internships!!!
14/09/2008 18:07

Alex to Nepotist (#8)

in response to "wake up and smell the coffee" I think you definately have a point but I have actually done a lot of what you've said already. One word of advice though just be careful to the way you offer advice to people and the way it comes across!

Anyway... I think Nepotist is correct, at this stage it's going to be difficult to find a good internship with a good company especially if you don't have contacts. Not going to give up just yet though!

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