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Preparing for Experienced Hire Interview at Accenture

#1 Preparing for Experienced Hire Interview at Accenture
05/12/2003 00:00

Jai AC


I have 7 years of experience in IT and am currently working for a top IT company as a Technical Lead. I don't have any consulting experience before but have played plenty of client facing roles. However, since I am interested into Consulting, I would like to get into Accenture.

I have my interview in 2 weeks time. Can you please help me in terms of preparion, interview, assessment and any advice on how to get through. I have the passion for consulting and am good at both technology and client engagement skills.

What kind of books do I need to read before attending the interview? I heard that they expect us to know a lot about Accenture and Consulting... Any help will be sincerely appreciated.



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#2 Re: Preparing for Experienced Hire Interview at Accenture
12/01/2004 11:57

rory Lamont


I've just gone through the experienced hire route with Accenture. I had three interviews. First was a basic screening interview with a young HR grad. A couple of tricky questions like, 'Who do you feel are ACN's main competitors?' Unfortunately, the guy didn't know the answer to the question he was asking, so a simple list of companies did the trick. Next round was by telephone again and with a Senior Manager. The guy was very relaxed. I found it best to have some technical questions to ask him, to stimulate a conversation in an area that I was happy talking about. It also gave me a good view of how up-to-speed they were on the areas I was interested in. Final interview was a case study and partner interview. I was worried about the case study, but it pretty straight forward. It consisted of 4 paragraphs and was based on a bank. I was more forcused on general business strategy, rather than SCM, which was what I applied for. The final Partner interiew was straight forward, again I prepared technical questions and had read SCM articles, but I'd say just get in there and show that you can build effect rapport with the interviewer quickly and stay cool under pressure. Good Luck!

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#3 Re: Preparing for Experienced Hire Interview at Accenture
17/01/2004 23:21


Hmm, my experience was a little different, just went for interview 15th Jan at short notice, this was an informal 2 hr meet with 2 of the partners leading the project I am interested in. Discussion of my background + interests over coffee followed by some brainstorming about the project. My background by the way is medical with 10 yrs in surgery & 7 in medical informatics. Recd a phone call offering me a position as a contractor though during the interview they were pushing for a solutions workforce position. A bit miffed as I feel vaguely undervalued considering I had expressed my interest in consulting. Would appreciate info on appropriate rates of pay.

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