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Does english matters?

#1 Does english matters?
12/08/2008 18:01


Hi, first of all i would like to say hello. I am Michael, i am new here and i found this forum is full of nice and helpfull people and lack of criticism, and sarcasm like others.

Thanks you for a lot of advices which I found here.

My question is:

Does english grammar really matters in consulting job?

I mean, i am not native english, i can communicate with others, i can read science publications without any problem, i can sell my idea in english, but still think that writing formal letter, or even presentation, without grammar mistakes might be a problem for me.

I know that language mistakes in your presentation doesnt make you look professional.

I am thinking about going to consulting, and a little bit afraid about my english.

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#2 RE: Does english matters?
12/08/2008 19:00

anon to Michael (#1)

It does. Actually, the question should have been "Does english matter?". English is 3rd person singular, so in present simple you must add an "s/es" at the end of the verb, unless it goes with "does" as it already has an "s/es".

Your question is difficult to answer. Would you hire someone that makes grammar mistakes in your native tongue to work with important clients?

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#3 RE: Does english matters?
12/08/2008 23:22

aspiringconsultant to Michael (#1)

London is one place where I have seen genuine, sincere and hardworking people scaling one summit after another despite their non British backgrounds and reasonable level of English proficiency. For written english spell check and sentence correction in Microsoft Word can take care of most of the common mistakes.

In my company (Fortune 500 consumer goods), I have got colleagues from all parts of the word with varying level of English proficiency and they are doing very well.

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#4 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 01:21

The Settlers to Michael (#1)

Yes, it does. If you make some mistakes and people know that you are a foregner, it is OK. More so, if you make it up with your work.

However, if you are in a speaking position, like making presentations, trainings, et al, make sure that you improve your english.

A consultant's life:

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#5 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 09:06

sike to Michael (#1)

Well done Michael. You got three bites.

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#6 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 09:17

Devon to sike (#5)

Michael is strong name. It conjures up images of Michael Knight, the lone crusader in a dangerous world. Incidentally his grammar was impeccable.

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#7 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 09:32

Anon to Devon (#6)

I work at the green dot. The amount of resources we have hired who cannot speak Queen's english is just ridiculous. These people have no idea how important language is.

If you cannot speak good english, please learn! You are runing the consulting profession!!!

It is just embarrassing when we unleash such resources on the client!

I mean how can you have a Senior consultant or manager who speaks like someone who just stepped of the boat?

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#8 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 10:13

bill to Anon (#7)

Green dot anon. I hope that was a satirical post.

Error #1 You omitted the definite article before the word “Queen”

Error #2 Capital “E” for English, please (1st sentence)

Error #3 Capital “E” for English, please (3rd sentence)

Error #4 Ruining, not running.

Error #5 “off”, not “of” the boat.

And your syntax is awful.

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#9 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 11:25

DC to bill (#8)

Good on ya Bill!

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#10 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 11:54

MAD to bill (#8)

Dear Mr Bill

I would like to have job in your esteemed green dot place. I am all about the consulting and have many many ITs.

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#11 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 21:55

deepdeep to MAD (#10)

I am happily mapping every every process.

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#12 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 23:21

Expert to deepdeep (#11)

World-class commitment to company work engagement of performan resource a valuable high levels of quality, increased markedly. We a set of shared values a would have found customers' needs, ands of competiticed values a set of the high leve resource of evels of people systems, and to company have res, systems, and promote competencies, and need the company's company without today's mance systems, and it we will devels of evels of performan recogning at efficience of quality, cycle is are demance of this.

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#13 RE: Does english matters?
13/08/2008 23:23

Manager to Expert (#12)

I agree. Integrity is fundamental. People have increased on a set of people is absolutely critical to achieve the high levels of quality, teamwork, competitive leadership and practices are designed to promote company's employees are a likely part of performance - in quality, teamwork, company will demand focused improvement - are strategically importance of companies: People have increased on a set of our competitiveness. A work environment to improvement of performance - in quality, teamwork, competencies, and excellence.

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#14 RE: Does english matters?
14/08/2008 10:13

recruitimafacation to deepdeep (#11)

I am job.

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#15 RE: Does english matters?
15/08/2008 17:12

Jo Jo to recruitimafacation (#14)

Oh please....not another word thankyou very much

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#16 RE: Does english matters?
18/08/2008 15:42

MAD to Jo Jo (#15)


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#17 RE: Does english matters?
21/08/2008 23:04

TaxMan to MAD (#16)

'Greetings from Takijistan!

I am wishing of coming to your great MBB work in consilting for the investments. My experieence is nice. My uncle had freind who held golfing sticks for Jimmey the Cayne in rounds when bank was dying. My father knows Sir Eliot Spitzer's girl nice well. Very, very preety, but worth nothing to lose big top job for. Big shame that. At school my teecher always siad that I know price of everytinge and value of nothinge, just like your traders of the subprime.

In the London where the women like boat refugees I know the one they call LBB, and the Pear, they good like me, but dress like sloppy vagin.

I never lie. I forget easy and in my country that is not for good. If they catch you in lie in Takijistan, they do terrable things too you with electric sticke. I had problam with the walkings for a little time, but I recover good now well. Not all do well after electric sticke, especial if many stickeings take.

I am wanting to be Consultant. In markeet and beed war, I always get good price. I never misprice, as I don't know how to do math - see, I have much in commun with your consulting peeple I have no skill. If consulting jobs are finished, I could do risky as good.

My friende says you have lost plenty money by your doing nothing and powerpointing. I am sorrey for that. Perhaps I come and do nothing - then you lose no money. Already I have good ideas to run your MBB. Tell consultant to stop losings. I can bring electric sticke.

I here about your Ac sen ture and pubic selector and uitility price consult. Good that your government covers it with much guarantee. In my countrie, the poorings people pay all the bills for the rich too, so your grate countrie is the same. It is good to be at top in your profishon. I want to be near top. To take much money when there is none for the rest is my dream. Good on you guv!.

Your sytem is also good - the politic. A black and woman for top job is nicely ok. In Takijistan we love Oprah Winfrey to. Sometimes the fat girl, sometimes the thin is very good. You are true free peeple. Even I here your consultant are in streete with sign looking for good jobs. In your London they don't knock on door in night if you beg on streete, and you are not taken away off to see family again never. Consultant just laugh ha-ha and call loser for poor the peeple with no jobs. I want to be loser in LonDon some day. But now just I want job. If your jobs are finished, do you know place for job signs pleese ? I like ha-ha too.

I hope your IMB is prosper and you have good job for me. My father says he knows you will give me good proper job as most job be here now for your data protect. He says to tell you he now owns 15% of your stocke equity and will buy much more when you make more big losings soon. He has many electric sticke now and most money in all Takijistan .

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#18 RE: Does english matters?
22/08/2008 08:58

Mars A Day to TaxMan (#17)

Taxman, have you been looking through my email inbox? ;-)

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