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MSc from top Uni to improve chances?

#1 MSc from top Uni to improve chances?
30/07/2008 00:49

A guy asking a question


This is a long post so sorry in advance, scroll to >>>> for a brief summary of questions.

I have been rejected by ACN and a couple of others at the CV stage (i.e. CV binned) whilst applying for graduate jobs.

My academic achievements to date have not been good and this is certainly the reason I have been rejected. As an example, I didn’t do A-Levels, instead I did a BTEC ND in Software Engineering and I only received a Merit overall (a number of distinctions in final year, but I’m beginning to realise the BTEC alone is a problem). Since then I have gone to University (the first polytechnic) and this year graduated with a First in Computer Science. I applied to ACN etc. Before I got my final grade with a “predicted 2:i”, obviously I’ve surpassed that which is great, but doesn’t matter as I still need to “do better” to get into one of these places.

Would a Masters at LSE improve my chances? I have applied for the ADMIS course (technology, business and management type course) in the hope getting a Distinction will greatly improve my employability in the future. The only issue is cost, although I would be happy to pay for it, first I need to work for it, with my main offer at the moment being with Cisco as an IT Analyst. Would Cisco be a good name to put on my CV? Although the role is “IT Analyst” there is nothing technical involved, mainly the improving of business processes through technology.

Frankly it is quite depressing. I know friends who have gone on to work at these places and feel I am no worse than those, I just screwed up with my choices and lack of effort. I _TOTALLY_ understand why I get rejected, no complaints there whatsoever. I just want to be able to put it right.

>>>> Would a Masters from LSE improve my chances at one of the big consultancies having graduated with a First (Comp Sci) from a very low former poly?

>>>> Would “Cisco IT Analyst” be a good role for experience on the CV? Previous experience was at the MOD in a similar position, bearing in mind I’m unlikely to get much more, at least in terms of size (i.e. blue chip).

>>>> Would the fact I never did A-Levels be an issue? Even if I went on to do a Masters?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice

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#2 RE: MSc from top Uni to improve chances?
30/07/2008 07:46

ex Admis to A guy asking a question (#1)

The likes of Deloitte, Accn, Capgemini etc will definitely pick you up post MSc Admis at LSE for thier graduate programme (even without the distinction) in tech/operational roles. If you can show some more aptitude in business areas then maybe in business consulting etc. But if you'r looking at MBB, forget the MS and get an MBA from LBS

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#3 RE: MSc from top Uni to improve chances?
30/07/2008 10:28

anon to A guy asking a question (#1)

Why do you think that ACN is a bigger/better etc place than Cisco? Cisco is regarded as one of the very best companies in the world with a sound leadership team. What do you hope to achieve in ACN that you can not do at Cisco? I am puzzled. I would choose Cisco over ACN any time.

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#4 RE: MSc from top Uni to improve chances?
30/07/2008 15:59

A guy asking a question to anon (#3)

It is a good question. Mainly I do not really like being rejected for anywhere, just because of my degree, particularly as in the future I will inevitably end up wanting to get into one of the bigger places. I've also read on numerous threads about those being defined as technical and therefore finding it difficult to get away from that, having worked somewhere like Cisco.

You're right though, I have read fantastic things about Cisco, it is also a personal thing though. I really like the look of the course and am confident I would thrive on it, I just want to ensure it would be a worthwhile investment.

It also looks like the kinda course that would get you into a number of Investment Banks also, but I'm unsure as to what previous experience those who got there had.

Thanks you for the advice previous admis guy :-)

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#5 RE: MSc from top Uni to improve chances?
31/07/2008 18:56

ex admis to A guy asking a question (#4)

Investment Banks? In thier graduate programmes for tech and operations. Know some guys who've done that but if its front office you'r looking at, as before, dump MS, do MBA or MiF

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#6 RE: MSc from top Uni to improve chances?
01/08/2008 16:47

zebedee to ex admis (#5)

Do the MSc if you have the time, money (tuition fees are 15k?) and most importantly interest. It will push out your Sixth Form education from your CV and you will be more hireable.

But, if you don't have the time, money and/or interest in the course then go for the job at Cisco. The experience you get there will stand you in good stead to for a business/consultancy position elsewhere.

As for Investment Banks I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole for another few years, the poo has well and truly hit the fan for them.

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