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What level - Masters Graduate...?

#1 What level - Masters Graduate...?
09/11/2003 00:00



I am planning to study a Masters degree in Information Systems Management from a good Uni either in the UK or the USA. What level will I be eligible to try for in a Strategy/Mgmt consulting firm after completing my masters? Please note that prior to the Masters degree I will have had limited professional experience.

Will I be considered for the entry level undergrad positions on account of my lack of professional experience, or will my blue chip Masters degree enable be to come in at a slightly higher position? That apart, what salary levels can I expect?


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#2 Re: What level - Masters Graduate...?
09/11/2003 00:00


You'll have to apply for graduate positions. Many other entrants will have masters degrees, and they will all be from blue-chip universities.

As a rule of thumb two years of non-consultancy experience is worth one year of consultancy experience. On that basis, you'll need four years of relevant non-consultancy experience to come in above a graduate position.

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#3 Re: What level - Masters Graduate...?
10/11/2003 00:00


Hi A,

Thanks for your input. If a Masters graduate with limted or no professional workl experience is eligible to apply only for an entry level graduate position, then I'm guessing that this Masters graduate is treated the same as an undergraduate, who is applying for the same graduate position.

Doesn't it seem slightly inappropriate to treat someone with a Masters degree the same as an undergraduate? Or is it the case that a Masters degree holder might be given slightly more preference than an undergraduate, for the same position?

I guess my doubt is whether the consulting firms have an order of preference when it comes to differentiating between undergraduates with limited professional work experience, the same with say a couple of years industry experience and Masters graduates with limited professional experience, when recruiting for their graduate positions.


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#4 Re: What level - Masters Graduate...?
10/11/2003 00:00


i've joined one of the large management consultancies a few weeks ago with a Masters and 1 year work experience. It was an entry level position and I started together with all kinds of various people. Some who joined at my level had masters degrees, some had up to 3 or 4 years non-consulting experience, some had 1 year consultancy experience and obviously some had just an undergrad. We all joined at the same level and on the same salary, but I hope that later on when it comes to career progression the masters and work experience will make a difference.

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#5 Re: What level - Masters Graduate...?
10/11/2003 00:00


Hi, friend,what's your previous job before consultancy? I am working in an top500 SI company for 1.5 years and majored in computer science. Can I apply for a job in strategy & business consultancy or in IT technology consultancy? What should I emphasize when writing a CV? Many thanks!

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#6 Re: What level - Masters Graduate...?
10/11/2003 00:00


ive started a masters just this september at a bleu-chip uni- from what i gather- the benefits from masters comes in later on when u are on a project as you will have more research etc tools under your belt


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#7 Re: What level - Masters Graduate...?
13/11/2003 00:00


Forget the Masters, you are wasting your time. They impress nobody anymore since everybody has one now.

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#8 is an MBA must???
14/11/2003 00:00


this is aditya from india... i hold a bachelors degree in engineering and hv 5 years of experience in IT sales and marketing ...if need to make it to big 5... is an MBA must???

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