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02/07/2008 16:27


Dear All,

Your entries on experienced hires and niche consultancies make for sobering reading.

I am ruing not moving into one of the Big 4 in New Zealand or in Australia before coming to London.

I am looking for entry-level roles in consulting as an experienced hire ... I am very flexible as to salary and location ... BUT AM I DREAMING?

Management consultancies may be bemused by me, yet environmental consultancies seem intimidated by me. WHAT TO DO?


I am a Kiwi (New Zealander) who has recently moved to London. I have 6 years experience building a niche consultancy with a former KPMG director who is a father of New Zealand's modern environmental legislation. The consultancy is a New Zealand leader in niche consulting to central and local government, utilities, heavy industry, and major property developers.

During that time I cultivated my consulting style directly with a wide variety of public and private sector clients and projects at political, CEO, managerial, and operational levels. Beyond New Zealand, I also worked on regulatory reform projects secured with the Hong Kong Government. At the same time I was fortunate to progress a legal career in parallel in major energy litigation against New Zealand’s largest energy corporate who I helped my local authority client beat.

I was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in the top 5% of my class. I have a high-grade conjoint degree in Law and Public Policy from the best university in New Zealand for both.

My strategy has been to move into a multinational multidisciplinary environmental consultancy in London. But my medium term career goal is to break into management consulting with a global firm.

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02/07/2008 17:04

another kiwi to cocosmooth (#1)

Hey Bro,

I'm another kiwi but I did the right things before leaving NZ. Commerce Masters at Auckland. Made it into Bain in Sydney. Still at Bain but in NY now.

Sorry I don't have any UK contacts that will be any use to you if you don't come from the Big 4 or have an MBA from a internationally credible school.

All I can say it is tough if you didn't start your career planning in uni, and didn't mix any commerce or economics into your degree mix.

Maybe the best thing is to get an entry level position into those environmental consultancies you talk about, and work your way up making sure to get international environmental and management accreditation along the way.

Ps. Why didn't you stay in law?

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02/07/2008 17:31

cocosmooth to another kiwi (#2)

Che Bro!

You've done well!

I did law because it was part of the terms of the scholarship I won. And I didn't do commerce or economics mainly because I was too much of a young idealist.

Law practice itself looked depressing and narrow for what I wanted to do post uni. So that's why I chose the path I did. I made good money back home doing it too. None of my law friends or colleagues enjoy what they do, even though the money is good-ish.

I think there are smarter ways to make money doing things you have a passion for.

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