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Not the same old questions

#1 Not the same old questions
01/07/2008 16:47


I have the 2nd round assessment centre for Accenture coming up. I've looked at all the archived posts on here, as well as searched the rest of the internet and have a few unanswered questions.

In the one to one case study interview I've read the interviewer will try and sway my decissions? Is this true, and if so should I stick to my guns?

Secondly, does anyone know of any good case study examples/revision? I've done the one on the Accenture web site but can't afford the £89 for the interactive case study tutorial on this site.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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#2 RE: Not the same old questions
02/07/2008 00:06

anon to Moog (#1)

After you initially come to a decision, you're encouraged to ask for more information, with which it may or may not make sense to change your decision. It depends on how much of the relevant information you've managed to extract in the first discussion - if they can't offer any more significant info stick to your original one. (This is from experience of Dublin recruitment process.)

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#3 RE: Not the same old questions
02/07/2008 08:37

anon to anon (#2)

Hmm, it all sounds incredibly 'mechanical'.

Anyone know where I can download a copy of the script they're following?

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#4 I don't think accenture will be takin on many people this year
02/07/2008 13:10

bigcat to anon (#3)

Just a quick note, I know several people who have reached the final stages of accenture and have failed to have a job offer. These are guys who are hugely qualified and what I would class as excellent conultant material. I am in a position to commentas I work for ACN and have a high visibility role involving working with some big players within the firm. Off the record they all agree with me taht recruitment has to slow "even though the firm would never publicise this fact). This next scentence is only my opinion but I really believe that somewhere in the higher eschelons of the firm a deciion has been made to halt/significantly reduce job offers. This is particularly underhand because the firm is continuing its recruitment juggernaut.

Most of this is only opinions but I am in the firm so am perhaps more clued in than external observers.

Final note - I don't imagine this is restriced to ACN, recruitment and the politics that go with it are probably not restricted to just one firm!

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#5 RE: Not the same old questions
02/07/2008 20:05

Moog to anon (#2)

I suppose this depends a great deal on the case study, but are you able to provide an example of the kind of questions you should be asking to extract more information?

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#6 RE: Not the same old questions
02/07/2008 21:26

---- to Moog (#5)

There ought to be a law banning big firms from interviewing people when they have no intention whatsoever of hiring them.

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#7 RE: Not the same old questions
03/07/2008 13:11

anon to ---- (#6)

You could ask a bit about the background/previous experiences of any of the people involved, which might provide insight into the current situation (of the case study). I think the main thing is to be relaxed enough to think calmly about all the questions you could possibly ask, don't panic.

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#8 RE: Not the same old questions
03/07/2008 15:00

Eyer to anon (#7)

Well, EY BAS are also slowing down in the recruitment. Also: officially, only the Audit side of our World has a freeze, but in reality, BAS, has slowed down to a bare walk.

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