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Urgent Internship

#1 Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 00:02


Hello all,

I am starting my utimate year of studies in October and have gained working experience in the Airline Industry (Germany), Investment Banking (Top Tier, London), and Private Equity/Venture Capital (Paris).

I still have some weeks "spare" in the summer and would like to do an internship starting in late august for 8 weeks.

Is this possible in consulting in London, or are interns expected to stay longer? Does anybody have some tipps?

It would mean a lot and really help me out.

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#2 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 00:27

Red to Student (#1)

It is possible to do an 8 week summer internship, but the challenge will be that almost all places are taken by this stage in the year

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#3 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 00:34

Sir Alan to Student (#1)

Get a job in somewhere like McDonalds - having to work with normal people will teach you a lot about how large organisations work.

BTW, I'm quite serious...

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#4 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 07:54

---- to Sir Alan (#3)

Well done on getting such great work experience!! You really are a dynamo aren't you!

Now I'm not sure where you can find that work experience you need, but I'd advise:

a) Don't dilute the VERY prestigious experience you already have on your CV

b) Maybe try contacting one of your previous internship supervisors. Maybe they can make an opening for you?

c) If you don't get anything, use the time for constructive studying and maybe a little travel. This is the last big holiday you'll get until you retire!

Well done and good luck!

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#5 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 08:57

az to ---- (#4)

Have some fun instead.

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#6 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 10:03

Student to az (#5)

Thank you all for your answers...

I like the McDonalds Idea, but I guess I would still go for travelling instead.

Sometimes, things just happen differently than they were planned, usually I would of course have applied earlier.

In all my previous working experiences I had the feeling that sometimes one left, a special project came in etc. which made it necessary to have a new intern within a week. This is why 'how large organisations work' does not apply anyways... Large organisations are often unstructured and this is exactly why the need consulting advice!

Conctacting of previous employers, did that, was offered a position in the M&A department, but I don't want to do the same thing again. Instead of another IBD internship I would reather spend my time travelling.

I really wanted to experience something new and I strongly believe that working in consulting would be a unique opportunity.

So, what would you suggest?

Talk to recruiters directly?

Try to get in touch with all the people in know and distributing my CV?

Online applications dont really make sense, do they?

Ps: 'Working with normal people.' I started my first job with 14, distributing newspapers. During high school, I worked at a department store at the cash register. I did not want to come across as cocky, but rather wanted to inform QUICKLY about my prior experiences...

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#7 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 10:51

Mars A Day to Student (#1)

Employers want to see a balanced human being, not a machine with no life or sense of humanity; you have done more than enough (and more than most) already, so go travel and have a little R'n'R. The travel will also give you some interesting things to talk about at interview aside of work related stuff if you want to think about it that way.

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#8 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 11:19

Student to Mars A Day (#7)

I really appreciate your effort, thanks.


I would like to start my career in consulting, but yet have no practical experiences. This is why I want to see, if it is how I expect it to be and if I can imagine to start my career there.

I don't want to sign a contract and recognize after 3 months that I dont like it. This is why I am definitively doing an internship, and travelling will have to wait until I have my degree.

Thanks for all the suggestions, but HOW can I still get an internship?

Thanks so much!

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#9 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 12:09

rollercoaster to Student (#8)

What do you expect to get out of 8 weeks of internship at a consultancy? You will not be out on client site so you won't get that. You may get an internal project but you could get that experience at any corporate head office.

As I see it the only advantage is another brand on your (already strong) CV and possibly some contacts.

Have a holiday.

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#10 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 12:39

Bob to rollercoaster (#9)

True to the consulting approach, everyone seems intent on giving advice instead of answering the question.

The question being "how to get an internship on short notice", and advice being "do something else instead".


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#11 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 13:39

Student to Bob (#10)

So whats your advice, bob? :-)

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#12 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 14:04

MDT to Student (#11)

Stop wasting your life with internships and get a loads and blag it!

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#13 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 14:09

anon to Student (#11)

Mate, take previous advice and go travellign for a bit. If you really want to get a temp job / internship with a consultancy this summer you will - try all avenues...oh and Freshminds was good in terms of consulting project work, dont know if they still do this. Some other recruiters can place you in strat houses but you'll need to scour their job boards to find out which.

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#14 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 14:13

Student to MDT (#12)

Well, you seem to have a job?

Market circumstances are difficult, IB is rarely hiring! So many target Consulting now.

I would like to have a foot in the door.

Where should I apply, should I conact consultants directly, go thorugh HR? Other advice more than welcome!

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#15 RE: Urgent Internship
26/06/2008 15:25

conan the librarian to Student (#14)

If you MUST do yet another internship (which strikes me as odd wouldn't you rather see your mates for a change?) it might be an idea to ask someone senior at one of your previous placements to interpose on your behalf, judging by the type of firms you were at, they'll have plenty of contacts.

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#16 RE: Urgent Internship
09/07/2008 08:54

Student to conan the librarian (#15)


I have now talked to many people and have been offered different positions, which have all not really caught my interest.

There is a small consultancy willing to give me a position, which would be a decent experience in my p.o.v.

BUT: Does it 'ruin' my CV, when having done top internships in BB Investmentbanking and VC, to go 'backwards' and intern with a small consultancy (100 employees)?

Thanks so much for your advice!

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#17 RE: Urgent Internship
09/07/2008 16:57

Casio to Student (#16)


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