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EDS salaries

#1 EDS salaries
23/06/2008 14:31

New EDSer

Can anyone tell me the normal salary structure at EDS. Grads start on around 23k-25k but where does it go from there?

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#2 RE: EDS salaries
23/06/2008 16:04

JustLeftEDS to New EDSer (#1)

Hi EDSer,

I joined as a grad in the autumn 2001 intake. I started on 21,300 and payrises were painfully slow for the first few years (four or five percent). I did well though, and my performance ranking was the highest one possible for two years on the run - so I got a few larger rises - BUT six and a half years along the line my salary is still only around the 33K mark, which is part of the reason that I have just resigned and am about to start a new job elsewhere.

It's a great place to start out though. The major projects might not be all that glamorous, but I will never regret the fantastic experience of working on one of the most complicated government accounts in the world. Just be sure to think of ways to get yourself noticed - making yourself the right hand (wo)man to a senior leader (and making their life much easier by looking after the detail) is a great way of doing this and means you get to meet all the right people. Good luck!

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#3 RE: EDS salaries
24/06/2008 10:03

EDSer to JustLeftEDS (#2)

it all depends on your value to the organisation, if you are a bog standard IT bod (which I assume the previous responder was - no offence meant) then your salary will be middle of the road IT salary for your specialism - just see any industry salary survey for details - but there are plenty on 6 figure salaries for industry experts/business experts/business leaders becuase they are adding business value and have the contacts and networks

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#4 RE: EDS salaries
26/06/2008 16:12

anon to EDSer (#3)

anyone else?

what does it take to succeed in EDS?

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#5 RE: EDS salaries
26/06/2008 17:31

--- to anon (#4)

It takes vision, courage and conviction... a true belief in the values of the firm and all that is excellent in the world of global commerce and business process outsourcing. You need to be a person of integrity; somebody who can uphold the values of the firm to the highest ethical standards and be an ambassador in the pursuit of excellence. And above all, you need a firm belief in your own desire and ability to succeed and to make both the firm and all those who surround it richer and more successful in every possible way.

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#6 RE: EDS salaries
02/07/2008 10:39

Bloggsy to --- (#5)

Give me a break, this is EDS we're talking about here - a two-bit, second rate, production line, meat-market type outfit if I ever saw one. What does it take to succeed? Well for a start, don't look for a job at EDS.

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#7 RE: EDS salaries
02/07/2008 15:14

EDSer to Bloggsy (#6)


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#8 RE: EDS salaries
07/07/2008 21:13

Anon to EDSer (#7)

Probably a bit harsh Bloggsy but EDS is hardly top tier material.

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#9 RE: EDS salaries
08/07/2008 09:09

another EDSer to Anon (#8)

no need to be harsh about EDS, it is what it is, an IT services company, don't expect anything else. It's good at IT (yes, I know there are co*k-ups but all the big IT players are the same) and that's as far as it goes

it can't be comapred with MBBB

anyway HP are going to demolish us (think nadal vs. murray), they will rip through us cutting the dead wood, but what's left will be a lot better - bring it on.

ps ho ho, your rude word filter wouldn't let me write co*k

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#10 RE: EDS salaries
08/07/2008 20:59

anon to another EDSer (#9)

I'd steer clear of EDS for now especially if you're a grad - the place will be unrecognisable after HP have their way - could be a very rocky place to start your career.

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